3 Reasons Your Chest Muscles Aren’t Growing

One of the most common complaints in the gym revolves around slow chest muscle development. Men in gyms everywhere are upset with their lack of chest muscle growth. You might think that slow-growing muscles are a sign of genetics. However, many are not having the chest they want due to making a few easily correctable mistakes. Here are three mistakes that cause chest muscles to grow slowly.

1. Not Eating Enough
The goal of lifting weights is to gain muscle. However, it’s important to realize that muscles are torn before every growing larger. Weightlifting causes small tears to form in muscle tissue which is repaired throughout the next few days. New muscle tissue forms over the tears, creating larger chest muscles. It’s imperative to ensure that you’re feeding with muscles with what they need, not a bunch of junk food. You’ll want to ensure that you’re receiving enough grams of protein per day. Men’s Fitness recommends consuming between 0.7-0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

2. Using the Wrong Amount of Weight
Many people know the bench press is the king of chest exercises. If you want to obtain a more muscular chest, you need to utilize the bench press. The problem with people bench pressing is that they’re using the wrong amount of weight. Muscles need to experience hypertrophy in order to grow. Hypertrophy is achieved by lifting weights for 8-12 movements or reps.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep
If you’re wanting to grow a bigger chest, leave the tablets and phones out of the bedroom. Numerous studies have found that light from electronic devices is a huge culprit in people not receiving enough sleep. You’ll want to aim for at least eight hours of quality sleep each night. The body repairs itself during sleep, releasing hormones responsible for muscle growth including HGH.

In summary, there are several reasons someone can experience slow chest muscle growth. It’s important to ensure that you are eating enough calories to make up for what you’re burning off in the gym. Foods that are high in protein are recommended to increase muscle size. Using weights that are either light or heavy can lead to slow muscle growth. You’ll want to utilize a weight that you can move 8-12 times without stopping. It’s imperative that you receive enough sleep after a workout, aim for at least eight hours per night.