4 Supplements That Help Provide Better Workout Results

Many people want to exercise but find the experience exhausting. It makes sense that many people turn to supplements to help boost their performance at the gym. Finding the right supplements to use can help someone attain much faster results. Here are four supplements that can help give someone better results in the gym.

It’s common to consume caffeine before a workout to obtain more energy. It’s imperative to ensure that someone doesn’t consume too much caffeine. The recommended daily intake of caffeine for most adults is 400 mg. Caffeine helps increase mental alertness and physical energy, helping people to work out for longer amounts of time.

Branched Chain Amino Acids
It’s wise to consume branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs while exercising. Branched-chain amino acids are literally building blocks of muscle tissue. Many people consume BCAAs through eating various types of meat. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to consume the maximum amount of BCAAs through only consuming food. Consuming amino acid supplements help to repair and increase the size of lean muscle tissue.

Protein Powder
One of the most popular supplements for health nuts is protein powder. There is a wide range of protein powders available in many flavors and formulations. Protein powders are made from a wide variety of sources including whey, peas, soy, and much more. Many people consume protein powder mixed with either milk, water, or juice. A rule of thumb when consuming protein is to aim for one gram of powder per pound of body weight.

Fish Oil
Many people that go the gym lift weights. A common side effect of lifting heavy weights is dealing with muscle pain. Lifting weights cause small tears and damage to the muscles. In a few days, these tears repair themselves which lead to larger muscles. In many cases, people experience muscle soreness before any new muscle is obtained. Consuming fish oil supplements helps to reduce inflammation, especially for sore muscles. Many people utilize fish oil to reduce recovery time.

In summary, there are several supplements that can help someone get into shape faster. Caffeine is often utilized in pre-workout supplements to help people increase their energy levels. Branched chain amino acids provide fuel to muscles being used during a workout session. Protein powder is consumed after a workout to repair and grow muscle fibers. Fish oil helps to reduce inflammation in addition to painful post-workout muscle soreness.