All About Sunday Riley’s Exclusive Product Trio

Known for their beloved skin care products, Sunday Riley continues to have a hard grasp on the cosmetics market with their high quality products and exclusive marketing techniques. This Houston based company has enjoyed many best-selling items at Sephora and has a very dedicated customer base.


In fact, whenever the company launches a new product there are endless wait lists as customers flock to stores to grab the latest new item. The company offers a wide range of cleansers, skincare treatments, and hydrating oils to help beautify skin. Anti-aging products are also available. Sunday Riley focuses on creating beauty items through Green Technology that combines purified botanicals along with active agents in order to clean skin.


Sunday Riley customers are those seeking high-performance skin care along with new technology methods. They understand the importance of skin care and are willing to pay more for products that actually work.


A Tried & True Product

One of the company’s top products, Good Genes, is a chemical exfoliant that clears away dead skin cells using lactic acid. Customers rave that Good Genes not only makes their skin feel smoother but also gave their skin a glowing look. The product is heavy in lactic acid and has actually been discontinued in the United Kingdom due to lactic acid restrictions that can be used in skin care products. This left Sunday Riley’s U.K. fandom reeling at the thought of losing such a great product.


Early Access Kit Trio

However, a new version of Good Genes is now available which features glycolic acid instead of lactic acid. Customers in the U.K. have had exclusive access to this new product up until now. Sunday Riley is introducing this new version of Good Genes to the American market through a very limited Early Access Kit. Only 1,000 kits will be sold making this an ultra-rare deal if you can order it quickly enough. Included within the kit will be the new Good Genes formula as well as two other new products that won’t be out on the market until next year.


The second product in the kit, known as A+, is described as a “high-dose retinoid serum” that features a 6.5% retinol concentration. Sunday Riley describes A+ as a more powerful version of their Luna Sleeping Night Oil which is (shocker!) also a best-seller. The A+ is so potent that it is recommended that users build up a tolerance to retinol. The company used their Green Technology tactics to combine the retinol with soothing botanical ingredients like ginger and Hawaiian white honey as well. Sunday Riley also states that sunscreen should always be applied when using a retinol product.


The third item in the Early Access Kit is a turmeric and vitamin C face oil called C.E.O. Glow. This sure to be best seller combines the well-loved C.E.O serum with face oil to encourage a beautiful glow. C.E.O. Glow is comprised of antioxidants as well as THD ascorbate which is a very potent form of vitamin C. Again, Sunday Riley combines these with botanical elements like vitamin E to balance the product.


You may be wondering by now not only where you can pick up an Early Access Kit but also how much it will set you back. The box retails for $185 which is a good deal considering the 3 full size products total $230 individually. Customers can pick up the Early Access Kit trio on the company’s website at starting Monday, November 19th. If you miss the chance to snag a box don’t fret as A+ will be available in January 2019 and C.E.O. Glow will come out in March 2019.


New Subscription Service

The company website is currently being relaunched prior to the November 19th date but has recently stated that they will be selling a subscription box that includes many other of their popular products. So, just in case you don’t get a chance at the Early Access Kit, you can still pick up a box of goodies from Sunday Riley. The current subscription box includes a wellness book, microfiber hair towel, headspace app subscription, and a clear your mind kit. Other products in the kit include Sunday Riley’s well-known Ceramic Slip Cleanser 30 mL as well as the Good Genes Lactic Acid 15 mL. A 500mL bottle of BKR will also arrive within the box as well as a Smith & Cult nail lacquer and THINX Hiphugger Period Panties. The total value of the box is $300 but customers will only be $95 for a single purchase. Customers can also choose the annual subscription of 4 boxes for $380.


If you end up missing out on the Early Access Kit, consider choosing the company’s new subscription box to try out a wide range of high-end products instead. Look for Sunday Riley’s newest products, A+ that will be launched in January 2019 along with C.E.O. Glow that will be available in March 2019, that are sure to join the rest of the bestselling Sunday Riley skincare line.