Anemic? Not All Iron Supplements Are Created Equal

If you’re anemic, it can be easy to pick up the first iron supplement that you find. There are cheap over-the-counter options at every pharmacy and with something that has to be purchased regularly, the cheapest often seems like the best option. However, there are different sources of iron which may cause adverse reactions in your body.

Different Sources Of Iron

The cheap common iron supplements are created from iron ore which is essentially just swallowing a mini rock pill. While it gets the job done of balancing iron levels, it’s quite likely to cause gastrointestinal issues such as constipation, upset stomach, or diarrhea. There are food-based iron supplements as well. These usually contain a lower dose of iron per dose, but are also gentler on the body.

Food Based Iron Supplements

Food-based iron supplements are definitely the better choice for your body. While the adverse side effects may still occur with these supplements, they are less likely to occur. If they are experienced, the effects are usually lessened when taking food-based supplements. These are usually two to three times the price of the common supplements, but your body will thank you for choosing the healthier option. Similar effects can be achieved when you eat a more iron-rich diet, but for those with absorption issues, the supplements may still be necessary.

Iron Rich Foods

If you are borderline anemic or have mild anemia, you may be able to balance your iron levels just by adding some iron-rich foods to your diet. Meat, fish, and eggs contain the highest levels of iron. This makes vegetarians and vegans more at risk for anemia. However, iron can also be obtained through nuts, legumes, and some leafy green vegetables.

How To Improve Iron Absorption

Vitamin C can help your body to better absorb iron. Some people opt to take vitamin C supplements with their iron supplements, but eating fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C has the same effect. Oranges or a glass of orange juice are the most popular. Vitamin C rich foods help for the absorption of iron in food as well so a kale or spinach salad can easily become enhanced by adding some bell pepper.

Get the most out of your iron supplements to balance out the levels in your body. Anemia can make life more difficult, but having the knowledge of how to obtain equilibrium can help you get ahead.