Benefits Of Living A Healthy Life Before Getting Pregnant

Women are told that they have to extra cautious while they are pregnant in order to keep themselves and their babies healthy. However, a new study has shown that it is important to live a healthy life before you get pregnant. Studies have shown that women who live a healthy life before they get pregnant are less likely to have complications.

The study was done by the University of Queensland School of Public Health. Gita Mirsha, who is a professor at the school, stated that women who live a healthy lifestyle before they get pregnant have easier pregnancies and labors. Independent UK also shared that women who are fit before they get pregnant are less likely to develop gestational diabetes and pre-clampsia. They are also less likely to give birth prematurely.

Women who eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts before they get pregnant are less likely to develop gestational diabetes. However, only 10 percent of women who are of childbearing age get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Gestational diabetes often develops during the second trimester. This often resolves after the baby is born. However, 30 percent of women who have gestational diabetes will have it after they give birth.

Making changes to your diet can help prevent gestational diabetes. Professor Gita believes that women need to be better-educated about healthy lifestyle choices before they get pregnant. She stated that it is not about pressuring women to do things that they do not want to do.

Professor Gita believes that a lot of changes need to be made in order to reduce the obesity rate. She stated that the takeaway message is for women to take care of themselves. It does not matter whether you are trying to conceive. Eating more fruits and vegetables as well as living an active lifestyle can greatly help you.