Bergen County Jail In New Jersey Home To Recent Mumps Outbreak

Mumps, a disease caused by the virus Mumps rubulavirus, is one of the many ailments that has been almost eliminated from existence thanks to modern medicine, namely the development, spread, and application of vaccines. People who are exposed to Mumps rubulavirus usually don’t develop symptoms until two-and-a-half weeks – or 16 to 18 days, on average – afterward.

Symptoms of mumps include one or both salivary glands being swollen, experiencing pain in these glands, sustaining pain during mastication or swallowing, high fever, body aches, appetite loss, malaise, and fatigue.

In 1968, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were roughly 150,000 known cases of mumps in the United States. Soon thereafter, however, the rate of mumps domestically took a dramatic downturn, largely thanks to the widespread adoption of the modern mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine. By the early 1980s, the number of mumps cases in the United States hovered as low as 1,000 per year, if not less. Since the 1990s, however, the United States has only been home to well under 1,000 cases per year in every single year-long period except for one.

Unfortunately for the good of society, parents have turned against vaccination. Thankfully, just a tiny sliver of children aren’t being vaccinated here in the United States because of these anti-vaccination, also known as anti-vaxx, parents’ views. This trend picked up roughly a decade ago and has since grown tremendously – relatively speaking, that is – across the country.

One disease that was almost eradicated from humanity, measles, came back into prevalence this year after the negative effects of anti-vaccination compounded into fruition.

Another outbreak, although not nearly as large as this year’s measles outbreak, is a recent small-time pandemic of mumps in New Jersey’s very own Bergen County Jail.

According to the New Jersey Department of Health via a press conference on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, spokesperson Dawn Thomas informed reporters that five inmates at the Bergen County Jail have been confirmed to have tested positive with an active case of mumps.

In order to most appropriately quarantine the limited outbreak of mumps, which could still very well develop into something of a much larger scale, no more inmates or detainees are being accepted at the Bergen County Jail there in New Jersey, according to Anthony Cureton, the Bergen County Sheriff. The Bergen County Jail can house up to 1,150 inmates.