Cimetidine (Tagamet HB)

Cimetidine is in a very cluster of medication known as amine receptor antagonists. alkalizer works by decreasing the quantity of acid your abdomen produces.
Cimetidine is employed to treat and stop bound forms of ulceration, and to treat conditions that cause the abdomen to supply an excessive amount of acid. alkalizer is additionally wont to treat esophageal reflux illness (GERD), once abdomen acid backs up into the gullet and causes pyrosis.
Cimetidine may additionally be used for alternative functions unlisted during this medication guide.



For patients taking the nonprescription strengths of those medicines for pyrosis, acid dyspepsia, and bitter stomach:
don’t take the most daily indefinite quantity endlessly for quite two weeks, unless directed to try to to therefore by your doctor.
If you’ve got bother in swallowing, or persistent abdominal pain, see your doctor promptly. These could also be signs of a significant condition that will want completely different treatment.
For patients taking the prescription strengths of those medicines for additional serious problems:
One dose a day—Take it at time of day, unless otherwise directed.
2 doses a day—Take one within the morning and one at time of day.
many doses a day—Take them with meals and at time of day for best results.
It may take many days before this medication begins to alleviate abdomen pain. to assist relieve this pain, antacids could also be infatuated the H2-blocker, unless your doctor has told you to not use them. However, you must wait common fraction to 1 hour between taking the antacid and therefore the H2-blocker. Take this medication for the total time of treatment, albeit you start to feel higher. Also, it’s vital that you simply keep your appointments together with your doctor for check-ups in order that your doctor are higher ready to tell you once to prevent taking this medication.


Side effects thanks to agent unit of measurement rare and typically reversible once the medication is stopped. Minor facet effects include:

muscle pain