Community Singing Can Improve Mental Health

A new study has shown that people who sing in groups have an easier time recovering from mental illness. The study was performed by University of East Anglia. The singers in the study participated in free weekly singing workshops. The singers were a part of a project called Sing Your Heart Out.

Sing Your Heart Out was started by a psychiatric hospital in 2005. They eventually decided to branch out and recruit more people. Even though the group is geared towards people who suffer from a mental illness, anyone is free to join. Penny Holden, who is 67-years-old, is one of the people who participates in Sing Your Heart Out.

Penny has suffered from bipolar disorder for most of her life. She stated that the singing group is one of the things that has helped her the most. She has been a part of the group for nearly 13 years. She joined the group when she was at the lowest point in her life.

Penny stated that joining the group was the best thing that she has ever done. She loves the fact that she is able to express herself in a nurturing environment. She stated that in the past, she had a hard time relating to people. She wanted to get involved in a group that did not involve sitting around talking and eating biscuits.

The researchers found that the members who participated in the group for six months were able to significantly improve their mood and day-to-day life. Tom Shakesphere was the lead researcher in the study. She stated that the group allowed people to improve their well-being. The breathing that singing requires helps people relax.

Tom also stated that singing may be more effective than music therapy. People do not feel pressured to discuss their condition with others. The singing groups are very relaxed.