Conquering Addiction

Addiction is the condition resulting from when a person engages in an activity (e.g., gambling, sex, shopping or ingests a substance (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, nicotine). When you get addicted to something your behaviour will start to change, and you get more into doing the same all over again.

One can overcome addiction by changing or reducing the amount of time spent or substance contributing to that dependency. These are ways on how to overcome addiction

Decide on stopping

Everything around you might it be the surrounding, people and their influence contribute to your addiction. All these choices we make in life determine to what we get addicted. Choices act like fuel to our dependence; including trying out new drugs or new ways of living. When you come to that point, you realise you are addicted to something that’s when that is when you can truly end it.

Often people with addiction deny their addiction problems. If you don’t get what you are addicted to, one should seek help from anyone close, e.g. friends, family or relatives so they can confront you with the truth. This step helps in convincing the addict that they need to change their behaviour.

Getting treated

Discipline and mindset willpower these are the essential tools for overcoming addiction. Quitting can work to some people while in others it will take some time, days or even years. This withdrawal also depends on the level of addiction and how serious yours is. You may require medical attention or use of other drugs to deal with your withdrawal symptoms.

You can join treatment programs; they will teach you more about your addiction and how to avoid going back. For a successful treatment, one should be committed and stick with the program for a period. One may experience mental illness or depression when going through withdrawal.

Therapy or support group

It will be more useful to discuss your addiction and as well as its consequences to a therapist. Panel discussions may also work to some other people who get mainly addicted to alcohol or narcotics, this provides a safe atmosphere where people can share their experience and feelings. Therapy or support groups will help in your addiction recovery.

Fight the urges

Urges include a period where you relapse and want to go back to your previous behaviour. Urges of wanting another cigarette or drink may cross your mind even after treatment. When you come to a point experiencing calls you need to take a moment and remind yourself of what you have experienced. Keep your brain occupied with positive thoughts.