Cutting Weight on a Tight Budget


Aging can be difficult. When you were young it felt like you had all of the energy in the world and even the heaviest of meals wouldn’t add a single ounce to your body weight. Now it feels like eating a single donut can ruin your diet, ruin your week, and ruin your self esteem. What makes matters worse is that most of the vaunted and valued diets on the internet require you to spend a ton of cash on groceries and even more time in the kitchen to cook everything up. It’s exhausting just thinking about it! Fortunately, however, there are ways to cut your weight down on a tight budget while still staying healthy. Let’s dig in a little bit and show you the ropes to taking back your beach body.


Change Up Your Meal Routine

You are probably used to, by default, the way that everybody else eats: three big meals throughout the day with a slew of unchecked snacking around the clock. This is the way most people eat and it’s likely how you were raised, also. Most people think that the key to their weight loss endeavor is to cut out extra meals, kill their snacking, and focus on one or two big meals a day. You don’t want to do that. In fact, you want to eat MORE frequently. Lock in your regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then focus on adding a pair of snacks between each meals. These snacks should be nutrient dense, healthy, and hand picked to meet your nutritional guidelines. Remember: you need to get your 5 servings of fruit and veggies, your protein (.5g per 1lb of body weight), and your calories.


Plan Your Meals

You don’t need to be doling out a million bucks a year, hyperbole obviously, to get your weight down to where you want it. Instead you just need to be forward thinking with your meals. Most people go through their workday without really planning what they are going to eat when they get home. Suddenly they get off work and are too tired to go eat and end up ordering take out or throwing something unhealthy in the oven. Don’t be that person. Instead, mark out the meals you plan on eating throughout the day with a calendar. You can use an application on your phone or even just a little pocket notebook. When you know what you are cooking for each meal you can maintain your discipline, improve your nutrition, and stick to your diet. Not too shabby, right?

Fill Your Pantry

You don’t want to be starving when 5PM rolls around only to realize that you ran out of groceries yesterday. Instead, you want to have a well stocked pantry filled with organic and nutrient rich foods at all times. This means that you need to get familiar with buying in bulk, canning and freezing food for storage, and meal prepping for your week. A lot of people will go grocery shopping just once or twice a month and fill up their cabinets in this way.


Make a Check List

If you want to make sure you leave the grocery store with the right stuff then you need to make a check list of your needs. Going into a grocery store on a whim is a recipe for disaster. You are going to end up forgetting important foods, buying foods you don’t need or want, and wrecking your diet along the way for no reason. Take some time to plot out the specific needs of your grocery shopping trip. Split the list into categories, add the price you think it will run you, and cross things off as you throw them into the cart.


Skip the ‘Drugs’

The easiest way to fix your diet is to get rid of all the addictive junk that is in it. We really are saying that you need to cut out the chemical substances from your diet: caffeine and sugar. Caffeine and sugar are two chemicals that are in absolutely everything but you can avoid them if you are careful. Caffeine causes inflammation, irritability, and it attacks your immune system. Sugar is straight up poison when not from natural sources. Dropping the drugs from your diet will have an almost overnight effect.  There are also meal prep services that make it easier like Nutrisystem, which still provides healthy natural food, but at the bare minimum of cost, and it’s all pre-prepared for you.  To see a break down of Nutrisystem cost vs what you’re already paying at the grocery store, check out Pure Healthy Living: