Daily Self-Care: # Ways You Can Indulge In Just Minutes Every Day

Most people think of self-care as being something that takes hours. The idea of indulging in self-care every day seems like too much. But self-care doesn’t have to take hours a day. In fact, you can take just a few minutes, as little as 5 or as many as 30 or more. Taking time for yourself every day will benefit you in so many ways. Here are ways that you can indulge in some self-care every day in just a few minutes.


Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and increase happiness and self-awareness. It can also increase immunity against illness, and help with cardiovasular health. But the best part is that it doesn’t take much to reap these benefits. Ideally, meditating for 30 minutes a day or more would increase the benefits, but you can meditate for as little as 5-10 minutes a day and see dramatic improvements in all the areas mentioned.

Listen to your favorite music

If you’re feeling stressed or angry, listening to your favorite music can help soothe you. Create a playlist on your phone or tablet and whenever you’re feeling agitated, pop in some earbuds and listen to a few songs. If you can take a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe deeply, you’ll feel better even faster.

Take a bubble bath

Or a hot shower, or a steam. A bubble bath’s warm water will relax tense muscles while the lush scent of the bubbles can relax your mind. Play some music, read a book, or just lie back with your eyes closed. Spend 20-30 minutes here and you’ll feel soothed enough to easily fall asleep, or refreshed enough to face the day.

Find, and cook, a new healthy recipe

Self-care can be as simple as making sure you get good nutrition. Take a few minutes to search for a new healthy recipe that you’ve never tried before. It doesn’t have to be complicated or have a bunch of crazy ingredients. Find something that sounds yummy, pick up the ingredients from the store, and cook a healthy, delicious lunch or dinner, then take your time as you eat.

Self-care is about taking time for yourself. Just a few minutes every day can improve your state of mind and your health. Once you start, it’s likely you’ll find that you want more.