Early generalized Symptoms Of Cancer

Most people know that cancer does not always become symptomatic until it has progressed to a certain extent. That said, certain early generalized symptoms might alert individuals to a potential malignancy. This brief blog will highlight certain physical manifestations that might indicate someone is in the early stages of a particular form of cancer.

Unintentional Weight Loss

Weight loss is only a good thing if someone is overweight or actively trying to shed pounds through efforts like dieting or exercise regiments. However, if an individual notices that they are losing weight without trying to do so, this might indicate the beginning stages of cancer.

Loss Of Appetite

The growth and spread of malignant cells often impacts the body’s metabolic rate. Such an occurrence can result in a loss of appetite. Everyone might experience a diminished hunger during stressful or upsetting times. However, if a lack of appetite lingers for more than a week or two, a thorough medical evaluation is recommended.

Unusual Bleeding

Bleeding is seldom normal and may suggest the presence of a serious illness like cancer. Any bleeding, regardless of whether it appears in the stools, urine or vaginal discharge should immediately be brought to the attention of a health provider.

Unexplained Pain Or Discomfort

Many people, especially as they age, will experience some type of aches and pains from time to time. That said, any physical discomfort that begins suddenly, lingers or worsens might be an early sign of cancer.

Pronounced Tiredness

Most individuals lead busy, active, stressful lives. Such schedules can and often do periodically precipitate the onset of fatigue. However, pronounced tiredness, such as the type of fatigue that interferes with one’s ability to perform routine functions could be a sign of trouble and be investigated by the stricken individual’s healthcare provider.

Persistent Fever

An elevated body temperature is normal when experiencing a discernible illness like a respiratory infection. Fever is one of the body’s built-in methods of warding off foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria. That said, a persistent raised body temperature might indicate that the body’s immune system is attempting to fight off an invader it cannot easily eliminate, such as cancer.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

The body’s lymphatic network is an integral part of the greater immune system. When lymph nodes are swollen, it is usually an indication that the body is fighting some kind of illness. Though this occurrence does not always indicate the presence of a malignancy, it does warrant further medical investigation.