Engaging In Daily Chores May Add Years to Your Life

According to a new study that was carried out and published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, senior women who engaged in household chores consistently were more likely to lead healthy lives. The research also inferred that those women were even likely to live longer. Somehow, everyone agrees that engaging in physical activity is very helpful to our health. Some of the health benefits that come with physical activity are reduced risk of premature mortality and chronic diseases. However, most of people identify physical exercise with going to the gym or jogging around the neighborhoods. Most of us have the notion that one needs to be in excellent shape to exercise correctly. Instead, studies have shown that vigorous body activity is not the only kind of exercise that is beneficial. New research is, in fact, focusing on the benefits of light physical exercise to our health. These light physical activities include casual walking for senior women.

The study was conducted by scientists from the San Diego medical school at the University of California. The scientists were led by a professor in the Department of Public Health and Family Medicine at the University Andrea LaCroix. Ph.D. Professor LaCroix and his team recruited 6,300 women who were between the ages of 63 and 99 years. The study would follow the women on their trend of behavior for four and a half years. For the entire period, the women were wearing accelerometers on their hips whose job was to track the physical activity in their daily tasks and chore for seven days a week. The study showed that light physical exercise was beneficial to the health of older women. Prof. LaCroix said that the levels of activity that the women engaged in were way below guideline recommendations.

The research indicated that for every half an hour that a senior woman engages in a light physical activity, their rate of mortality fell by 12%. Additionally, the benefits of light physical activity applied to women from all ethnic backgrounds and were independent of age and weight variations. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) made recommendations that senior women should engage in 2-3 hour of light physical activity on a weekly basis. The light physical activity according to the CDC would be substituted by 75 minutes of vigorous physical exercise after every seven days. Moreover, a new study reveals that increasing the levels of light training would be as healthy as going to the gym or jogging around your neighborhood.