Five Methods To Relieve Stomach Upset

Eating too much or eating something spoiled can lead to an upset stomach, and it happens to everyone occasionally. If your stomach is upset, then it can lead to other problems such as an excruciating headache or terrible diarrhea. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to relieve indigestion so that you can return to a normal routine. Use these five methods to feel better when your stomach is upset.

Method 1: Drink Fluids

When your stomach is upset, you may vomit, and this can cause dehydration that leads to more indigestion and a headache. To help you feel better quickly, drinking fluids is helpful. This is one time that drinking soft drinks is recommended because the sugar helps to stabilize your blood glucose levels. Experts believe that the clear soft drinks are the best choice, but today, you can also buy flavored carbonated water that can help you to feel better.

Method 2: Cool Compresses

An upset stomach can make you feel hot or feverish, and that makes you feel more nauseated. You can cool down quickly by making a cool compress from a washcloth to place on your forehead or the back of your neck. If you feel warm all over your body, then showering in cool water can reduce your body temperature in only a few minutes.

Method 3: Remain Seated

You might feel like reclining in your bed when you have an upset stomach, but this will make you feel worse because the acid and food in your stomach will flow backward into your esophagus. You can relax in a chair instead while leaning back slightly so that you can rest until your stomach feels better.

Method 4: Bland Foods

In some cases, eating something will actually help you to feel better, but you must avoid greasy and spicy foods. A plain slice of toast, applesauce or chicken soup can help your stomach feel better along with preventing a drop in your blood sugar levels. Make sure to consume only a bite or two to give your stomach time to adjust to food again.

Method 5: Hot Tea

Keep an assortment of tea bags in your kitchen cupboard so that you make herbal hot tea when you have an upset stomach. Good herbal tea choices for nausea include peppermint, licorice or ginger. All of these herbal teas have anti-inflammatory properties to relieve your indigestion.