Five Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Undoubtedly, whether a stay at home mom of three or a working mom of two, women with children are some of the busiest folks on the planet. At some point those little guys divide your time between themselves, leaving little time for self-care. Most would agree, it’s worth every moment of selflessness to be a mother. However, to be the best parent you can be, it’s important to take care of yourself. It isn’t selfish. Rather, self-care for moms is essential.

Get Some Rest
Sleep. It almost seems to be a bad word these days. If you want the recommended eight hours others tend to think you’re throwing up a white flag of surrender. However, it’s widely accepted that adequate, quality sleep is essential to maintain proper self-care. Per the Mayo Clinic, up to 34% of adults claim to sleep less than 7 hours a night. Not only does this bad habit put you in a foul mood, it also affects weight, health and susceptibility to sickness.

Eat a Healthy, Satisfying Diet
It’s difficult to keep up a well-balanced diet, but as a mom, it’s essential to have the fuel to keep up with those little ones. Make it a priority to eat well and drink plenty of water. You aren’t only doing it for yourself. You’re doing it to be around far longer for your cherished children, and to provide them with an example of how to maintain their own healthy lifestyle as an adult.

Exercise Your Body
Who are we kidding? Most moms are exhausted, especially those who have fresh little cuties. However, an exercise routine is important. Once a you’re released from your physician, you can begin getting out and about in moderation. Try going for walks. Maybe check out a yoga class. If you have a large family, join a local gym or YMCA who offer family rates and child care.

Foster Relationships
Don’t forget all the people you loved before you loved your children. Particularly, you should foster the relationship you have with your significant other. Make each other a priority at least a few minutes a day. If you can’t find a sitter, send the older kids down to watch their own movie while you and your honey snuggle together and watch one of your own right at home. It isn’t doing something huge that matters. It’s doing something at all.

Don’t forget You
Don’t forget you had a life before your children. You had hobbies and passions, and should continue to pursue them. These ideals are often left by the wayside once you become a mother. However, an integral part of self-care is to remember what it is that makes you you. After all, you were you long before those little guys came along.

Make time for yourself as a human being with needs and wants. Love your children, of course, but also love yourself. Stay connected to your spouse. Take care of your body and mind. Self-care is essential to being the best mother you can be.