Five Vital Essential Oils for Wellness

When you are interested in natural wellness, you can use essential oils. There are basic essential oils that are used on your body, but you can also find edible essential oils that you can add to foods or beverages. Here are some of the most popular essential oils along with the health benefits for each type.

Essential Oil 1: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil is derived from a certain type of tree that primarily grows in Australia, and this aromatic oil has a strong distinct scent. It is used for treating a variety of health problems, including respiratory distress or sinus infections. By combining a few drops of this oil with a lotion, you can apply it to your chest, or alternatively, you can pour eucalyptus oil into an electric diffuser to fill the air with the aromatic scent.

Essential Oil 2: Lavender

Lavender essential oil is used for several reasons, including promoting restful sleep. You can add lavender essential oil to a small bottle of water to spray on your bedding or pillow to help you to relax while going to sleep. This aromatic oil is also used by women to reduce the pain from premenstrual cramping, and many individuals rub it on their temples to prevent migraines.

Essential Oil 3: Frankincense

Frankincense essential oil can relieve digestive issues in the stomach or intestinal tract, but you must use an edible variety of oil. You can add a few drops of this aromatic oil to bottled water or hot tea so that you can sip it when you aren’t feeling well. Frankincense oil also promotes the healing of lacerations or burns, but you should combine a small amount of this oil with a lotion before applying it to your skin.

Essential Oil 4: Bergamot Orange

If you enjoy citrus-scented essential oils, then choose bergamot orange. The edible variety of this oil can impart a delicious fragrance in beverages, and this oil can reduce the fatty deposits in your liver, lower your blood sugar levels and relieve anxiety. When you are trying to lose weight, smelling the scent of bergamot essential oil can suppress your appetite.

Essential Oil 5: Peppermint

When you feel tired in the morning, you can have an automated diffuser that emits peppermint essential oil into your home. When you smell peppermint, it energizes your body and makes you more mentally alert.