Foods That Are Not As Healthy As One Might Believe

Many people are focused on maintaining optimal health. One health component people place emphasis on is their diet. That said, individuals might be consuming certain foods perceived to be healthy that, in actuality, are not as beneficial as they have been portrayed.

Diet Soda

Everyone knows that regular soda contains an excessively high sugar content. Some who enjoy this popular drink believe they can circumvent this problem by consuming diet soda. However, medical professionals and nutritionists opine that this product may be more unhealthy than plain soda. Though the product does not contain sugar, certain chemicals used to produce diet soda’s sweet taste provide no real nutritional value and are believed to potentially precipitate serious illnesses like cancer.

Sugared Cereal

Many people consume cereal believing its high fiber and grain content elicit numerous health benefits. While such assertions are accurate, certain cereals also contain elevated quantities of sugar and gluten. The consumption of too much sugar can lead to weight gain, as well as the possible development of numerous health maladies, most notably diabetes. In sensitive persons, gluten intake can result in a medical condition known as celiac disease, which can precipitate many potentially serious health problems.

Energy Bars

These items are rife with important nutrients like protein and have gained a reputation as quick pick me up foods for those with busy schedules and active lifestyles. Unfortunately, however, a good number of these products contain elevated contents of sugar, are high in calories and are comprised of numerous chemicals.

Dried Fruit

Some may believe that the consumption of any type of fruit product is a safe and healthy food choice. In many instances, people enjoy snacking on dried fruit. Unfortunately, certain dried fruits are said to contain more sugar than some popular candy bars. Ergo, the best way to consume fruit is by purchasing the natural products found in a supermarket’s produce section.


This snack is eaten by countless individuals. Moreover, many opine that these items are healthier than other contemporary edibles like potato chips. That said, doctors and nutritionists suggest that pretzels should be consumed in moderation because of their high salt content. Increased salt intake could precipitate the development of health problems like high blood pressure. Additionally, some health experts question the pretzel’s overall nutritional value suggesting these products are nothing but processed flour that only elevates the consumer’s blood sugar levels when metabolized.