Genucel, Water, and Your Skin– Combat Aging Intuitively

Water is all around us, and its medicinal properties are often underutilized. This is not to say that water is a cure-all, but if you listen to your body, you’ll often find that some of the more common ailments – from sore throats to aching stomachs – are all signs that the body is not getting enough water. But what effects does this have on the aging body? Other than being a common culprit in chapped lips, dry skin, and breaking hair, it can also lead to premature aging. The skin’s resilience is lessened when it is not getting enough water, which makes it prone to the appearance of wrinkles.

Regarding aging gracefully, few steps are as easy and cheap as drinking enough water. However, for everything that water doesn’t cure, turn to Genucel. In combination with healthy hydration, Genucel can mitigate the effects of aging and leave your skin looking supple, smooth, and healthy for your entire life.

Water Intake as You Age

Although water intake recommendations stay relatively regular past childhood, certain things need to be considered as you age. For optimal health, adult men should drink between 12-14 glasses of water per day and women should drink between 8-10. However, changing your drinking routines as you hit certain aging milestones will change the way you and your skin heals. Drinking extra water while sick, pregnant and breastfeeding, experiencing sleeplessness, or going through rigorous exercises will keep you looking and feeling young.

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What Your Skin is Telling You

But water is not and cannot be the only way to treat the health of the skin. After all, if water alone protected you from sun damage, a day of swimming at the beach wouldn’t be nearly as scary. But burnt skin, if looked at from a “glass half-full” perspective, is a warning. Your skin is full of warnings, and many of them are water-based. Here are some of the things your skin is trying to tell you.

    • Chapped Lips: An obvious warning, chapped lips historically mean that your body is not receiving enough water, but they can also mean that you are not protecting your face as well from harsh, cold winds. However, people also tend to drink less water in the winter because they are not hot or do not perceive themselves to be sweaty. Make sure to drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day, even the winter, to combat chapped lips and aging skin.
    • Breakouts: Many associate a new breakout as a sign that you are skimping on your hygiene. In part, this is true. Most often as adults, however, breakouts are a sign that your mental hygiene has decreased. Stress and depression can not only alter the hormones in your body, they can alter your routines. Even the slightest break from your skin care routine or healthy eating habits can wreak havoc on your skin. Take a moment every once and a while to evaluate your stress levels and see if you need to take time to relax. Your skin will thank you.
    • Dark Skin Under Your Eyes: While the most common culprit of dark circles is lack of sleep, the dark skin under your eyes could be signs that something else is off in your life. Too much computer usage and improper nutrition (or water) intake can also lead to dark circles. If you find that you are getting enough rest and dark circles persist, it might be time to visit the doctor. For everything else that is unavoidable (like occasional sleepless nights or the impact of your computer-dependent job), undereye treatments – like Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy – will reduce the appearance of darkness and puffiness around your eyes.
    • Dry Skin that Doesn’t Go Away: Drinking enough water and using a proper moisturizer does wonders to combat dry skin. Otherwise, only aging treatments like Genucel can combat the condition. However, chronic dry skin that doesn’t go away with regular hygiene might indicate the need to see a medical doctor as well as a dermatologist.
    • Rashes: Yes, rashes are tell-tale signs that something is wrong – you most likely know that and have experienced one. Often, drinking enough water can help combat rashes, but in persistent cases, it is essential to visit a doctor. Ignoring a rash after over-the-counter and natural methods don’t work can lead to even more severe consequences than prematurely aging skin. Genucel will help combat all the other issues that rashes can cause, such as unsightliness and lasting skin impact.

Genucel Products When Water Isn’t Enough

Eventually, everyone ages – even if they are the most health-conscious and drinking enough water. When this happens, targeting specific age-related skin impacts is beneficial. Genucel’s Plant Stem Cell Therapy hits problem points in the face, like eyelids and under eyes, that might be impacted by improper water intake. Next, for eyelid-specific treatment, the Genucel Eyelid Treatment targets the effects of the body’s lack of water and poor health over the span of your life with peptide proteins. After the eyes have received a little TLC from the first two Genucel products, reducing the appearance of wrinkles all over the face caused by improper water intake and other environmental factors is the next big step. Genucel XV does this with the help of new peptides, hyaluronic acid, B vitamins, antioxidants, and CoQ10.

Genucel’s immediate effects target the most noticeable spots on the face, things that can be exacerbated without a regular intake of water. Finally, for age spots like the jaw and the firmness of the skin (which unfortunately cannot be helped by water past a certain point), our Jawline Treatment and Deep Firming Serum provide lasting relief.

Water isn’t a cure-all, but neither is any skin care regimen on the market. But when used correctly and combined, water intake and Genucel can give you the smooth, beautiful skin you want for most of your life.

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