The Global Influence of Dr. Mark Holterman: A True Force for Healthcare Change

The career of Dr. Mark Holterman is varied and fascinating. He teaches at the University of Illinois. He serves as the CEO of an innovative medical company. He’s a surgeon who’s based in Peoria, Ill. He’s also a prolific philanthropist, and one of the foundations he’s lending his expertise to is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).

Dr. Holterman is an alumnus of the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville. He practices at several hospitals, among them OSF St. Francis Medical Center and Carle Foundation Hospital (Crunchbase). And, in 2013 and 2014, he was included in the “America’s Top Doctors” reference book. This guide lists medical practitioners who are renowned among their peers.


From Farmhand to Surgeon


Dr. Mark Holterman grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, and his father owned a small construction company. In 1980, he graduated cum laude from Yale University with a degree in biology. From there, he was off to the University of Virginia, from which he received his medical degree along with a Ph.D. in medicine and immunology. He also completed a residency in general surgery at this university.

The University of Virginia had a huge impact on the personal life of Dr. Mark Holterman as well. It was there that he met Ai-Xuan, his wife. Dr. Ai-Xuan Holterman is a surgeon and scientist, and the couple has three sons.

In 1993, Dr. Holterman began a fellowship in pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle. When he was finished, it was time for Dr. Ai-Xuan Holterman to study pediatric surgery. She was inspired by her husband’s passion for this surgical specialty.

The family moved to Montreal, and while Mom was learning pediatric surgery, Dad spent time at home taking care of the boys. During this Canadian sojourn, Dr. Holterman also worked as a research associate at Montreal’s esteemed Clinical Research Institute.

In 1997, the Holtermans headed to Chicago, and they both began teaching at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Then, in January 2011, Dr. Holterman left that school and joined the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, where he’s served as an associate professor. In addition, Dr. Holterman has taught classes at Rush Medical College in Chicago.

Over the years, Dr. Holterman has written a variety of research articles and medical textbook chapters, and he belongs to a range of medical societies.


An Innovative Medical Entrepreneur


These days, Dr. Mark Holterman is especially focused on the latest developments in biotechnology. To advance this cause, he founded the Mariam Global Health Fund. This company allows him to bring together inventive medical and technological minds. That way, they can push the limits of what healthcare can do.

Dr. Holterman also provides counseling services to a number of startup companies that specialize in stem cell treatments, regeneration, and other cutting-edge forms of medicine. Plus, he sits on the board of a biotechnology firm called TargaCell.

All of these projects let Dr. Mark Holterman put to use his specialized skills as a doctor, businessperson, and research scientist. In particular, he’s adept at identifying and nurturing the technological breakthroughs that hold the most potential to benefit patients all over the world.

A major portion of Dr. Holterman’s business activities involves connecting pioneering doctors and surgeons with bold investors. The partnerships that he forms help bring new medical concepts to the marketplace, potentially improving the lives of countless patients.

One area that has particularly excited Dr. Holterman in recent years is medical photonics. This field encompasses advanced methods of using light to scrutinize the molecules of cells and tissues.

On top of that, Dr. Holterman is especially interested in finding novel ways of countering obesity and fighting autoimmune diseases, which are disorders that arise when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks its own healthy tissues and organs.

Dr. Holterman is also convinced that cellular therapies could lead to effective treatments for numerous diseases. A person who undergoes a cellular therapy receives new cells to replace or heal those that have been damaged.


The IPSAC-VN Story


The IPSAC-VN organization, which Dr. Mark Holterman has been spending so much time building up, strives to match Vietnamese children with pediatric surgeons and other healthcare providers ( What’s more, it assists medical facilities in Vietnam in expanding their resources so that they are capable of caring for more children. The foundation’s volunteers also train the nation’s doctors and surgeons to be able to provide the most effective treatments possible.

IPSAC-VN concentrates many of its resources and brainpower on the rural regions of Vietnam, places where high-quality medical care is often hard to come by. It also places a special focus on pediatrics.

Further, this charity supplies medical information and educational programs to doctors, nurses, and members of the general public. Likewise, it provides pieces of medical equipment that have been donated to facilities in those areas, and it organizes research partnerships between American and Vietnamese doctors.

IPSAC-VN has created a scholarship program. Each of its scholarships is valued at $2,500, and these grants permit English-speaking medical students and professionals from Vietnam to spend a month or two in the U.S. While they’re in this country, those participants can examine American methods of healthcare and brainstorm ways of applying those techniques to Vietnamese hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. They then turn those raw ideas into concrete solutions, and they put together formal presentations that they can share with others.

Two of the major organizations that supply funding and other forms of support to IPSAC-VN are two with which Dr. Holterman has long been associated: OSF HealthCare and the University of Illinois.

It’s clear that Dr. Mark Holterman views his life’s work as far from finished. After decades of excellence in medical research and pediatric surgery, he continues to dream up new ways of progressing healthcare, and patients all across the globe are better off because of it.

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