Business Friendly Florida Talks Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Move

Governor Rick Scott has been working towards a business-friendly Florida from the moment he took office in 2011. To date, Scott has signed $10 billion in tax cuts for Florida families and job creators during his time in office. He cut taxes nearly 100 times, including approximately $550 million in tax cuts during the latest legislative session. So when the Cancer Treatment Centers of America headquarters decided to move to Boca Raton in 2014, Governor Scott welcomed the company with open arms. CTCA is a national network of hospitals working with patients who are fighting complex or advanced stage cancer. CTCA provides a wide-ranging, fully integrated approach to cancer treatment and serves patients from all 50 states.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Upon announcing CTCA’s relocation of it’s corporate headquarters to Boca Raton, Governor Scott stated, “We’re proud that Cancer Treatment Centers of America took a one-way ticket to the Sunshine State, and will add more than 200 new jobs to the region. This great news builds on Office Depot’s recent announcement that following their merger with OfficeMax, they too will setup their global head quarters in Boca Raton. To continue this success, we’re working to cut $500 million in taxes and fees this upcoming session to create an opportunity economy that provides generations of families with great careers, so they can pursue the American Dream.”

Governor Scott’s commitment to turning Florida into an international business hub is evident not only by his statements but through his actions. During the 2015 legislative session, the governor did not propose to cut the $500 million he mentioned at the CTCA headquarter relocation announcement. He proposed $1 billion in tax cuts. He also proposed $250 million in business-recruitment incentives.  When the legislature ultimately watered the Governor’s proposal down, the Governor kept his chin up, saying “We are headed in the right direction.”

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There were many factors to CTCA’s decision to move to Boca Raton. “Selecting Boca Raton as our new corporate headquarters represents a major step in positioning Cancer Treatment Centers of America to serve even more patients in the future, while simultaneously providing our dedicated and valued employees with exciting opportunities for further personal and professional development,” stated then CTCA President and CEO Gerard van Grinsven. Van Grinsven added, “We also want to acknowledge the special efforts of Florida Governor Rick Scott and Enterprise Florida for their assistance with our evaluation of the benefits associated with our relocation.”

CTCA received $2.4 million in tax incentives for creating 225 jobs in Boca Raton, but this was hardly the deciding factor in making the move to the city for all seasons. CTCA specifically considered Florida’s quality of life, global access, advanced technological environment, and exceptional talent pipeline when choosing Boca Raton for it’s corporate headquarters. When asked about the partnership between the state and CTCA, CTCA President commented, “I want to become a world-class talent organization so ultimately people across the nation and world will say, ‘I want to live in Florida. I want to be with CTCA because their culture will make me extremely valued. They understand what’s important to me.'”



Rick Scott’s business friendly Florida continues to show signs of growth in 2018. Florida’s annual job growth rate is at 2.8 percent, which continues to exceed the nation’s job growth rate of 1.6 percent. The governor means business and has proposed a constitutional amendment making it more difficult for politicians to raise taxes and fees. Amendment 5, if approved by 60% of state voters this year, will require a 2/3 majority of legislators to raise any tax or fee. Scott recently stated, “Our work to cut taxes, reduce regulation and encourage economic growth has sent a message across the country that Florida is where job creators and families should go to succeed. Florida had a great year of job creation in 2017 and we will fight each day to make sure our state remains the best place for new opportunities in 2018, and for years to come.”