Health Officials Warn About Dangers Of Sleeping Near a Cell Phone

If you sleep with a cell phone near your bed, then you could be putting your health at risk. According to the California Department of Public Health, the radiation from the cell phone puts your health at risk. The radiation can increase the risk of infertility, cancer as well as other health issues.

Cell phones are considered a necessity nowadays, so you do not have to get rid of yours. There are other things that you can do in order to protect your health including the following.

  • Keep the cell phone as far away from your body as possible.
  • Do not use the cell phone when you have a weak signal.
  • Do not sleep with the phone close to your bed.
  • Remove your headset when you are not making a phone call.
  • Avoid frequency-blocking products. This can actually increase radiation exposure.

Children are most likely to be affected by radiation. The average child has a cell phone by the age of 5. Most children also sleep with their cell phones close to them. Dr. Karen Smith is the Director and State Public Health Officer for the CDPH. She stated that the reason children suffer more when they are exposed to radiation is because their brains are still developing.

Dr. Smith also recommends that parents do everything that they can to protect their children from radiation exposure. Parents need to limit the amount of time that their children spend on their cell phones. Children should also turn off their devices before they go to sleep.

Cell phones emit frequency when they receive and send signals to cell phones towers. This energy is harmful to human health. However, more research needs to be done in order to examine the link between human health and radiation from cell phones.