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Having a good bill of health is something that everyone should strive for. Health & wellness in the 21st century is at an all-time high thanks to an abundance of information. This abundance of information spans across multiple health genres, and it’s revolutionizing the health industry. When it comes to building muscle, protein is one of the best sources for growth, but all proteins aren’t created equal. Meat is the weapon of choice because meat naturally consists of protein. On the other hand, meat is loaded with sodium, fat, fiber and more.

Protein, an essential macronutrient, is also found in other food types, including fish, nuts, soy foods, beans and poultry. Did you know that red meat and processed red meats are linked to heart disease and stroke? Yes, this is 100 percent correct. The more you eat, then the higher your chance is for getting these health issues. Recent studies have shown that plant-based diets are great for receiving lean protein while lowering your chances of getting high-blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Plant-based diets that are full of quality proteins have resulted in faster recovery time between workouts, an increase in performance and much more energy. These are vegan diets, which contains no animal by-products. The reason to why plant-based diets produce such great results is that they are constructed of unsaturated fats. Some of the benefits of PBDs include:

  • An increase in oxygen & blood flow to muscle tissue
  • Combating free-radicals
  • Providing mor endurance
  • Improves glycogen storage in muscle tissue
  • Promotes a leaner body composition by lowering body fat
  • And many more

Making the switch from red meats to a more vegan approach could be the best solution for receiving better overall health. Checkout for more information.