Healthy Lips Start with EOS Lip Balm

For years EOS have been known to deliver exceptional products. From refreshingly flavored lip balms to nourishing body lotions, their product line remains one of the most popular in the market. More and more people are drifting towards EOS products mainly because of the fact that all their products are dermatologist tested and made from all the right ingredients to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits without any setbacks. There has been a lot of frenzy over the delights of their vegan crystal lip balms. So, what makes them unique and a definite must-have?

The Perks of The EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm
It’s a fact that no one enjoys having chapped or dry lips. In fact, the idea itself can be quite discomforting. Having beautiful and soft lips is something we all enjoy. That’s why it’s always necessary to ensure that we protect them from harm or damage that may be caused by, in most cases, harsh weather conditions. EOS Lip balms are keenly designed to ensure they offer your mouth/lips both the comfort and protection needed to keep you smiling and happy “All Day Every Day.”

Unlike ordinary lip balms, the new vegan crystal lip balm from EOS comes with even greater benefits. That’s because it does not contain any chemical ingredients that could cause harm to your lips or the environment for that matter. This means that, aside from enjoying EOS’s stunning designs and flavors, users also get to relish in a more natural fix to dry lips. These are just a few of the many reasons why this new launch has people crazed about this new addition to the famed EOS product line. Talk about chemical free beauty!

Nothing beats the feeling of being 100% naturally cute. According to EOS, their new lip balms constitutes of a majority of natural ingredients with only one exception – the beeswax! This fact, coupled with the charming crystal-clear appearance of the lip balm, makes it one of a kind and a must have for everyone including vegans. Without a doubt, EOS has revolutionized the way people view, use and enjoy lip balms.

One principle that should be met when coming up with health and beauty products is that the product’s use shouldn’t cause any harm to the user or the environment. That’s why many manufacturers have devoted their efforts towards coming up with organic, yet beneficial, products for their users. The new EOS Crystal Balms only go to reaffirm the company’s commitment towards creating exceptional lip balms and body lotions. Finally, anyone who practices a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can comfortably enjoy the benefits of using a lip balm without the fear of it having ingredients derived from or even tested on animals!

The new crystal EOS Lip Balms were launched and sold out for only $5.49 per piece on the 4th of August. But EOS, through their website, reassured everyone who’d missed the chance to get one that the shortage would be temporary. In fact, they tweeted that the product would be in major US stores by the August 5. Currently, you can get these amazing balms for the EOS website, Target, Walmart, CVS, Ulta and Walgreens stores. The fun part about all this is that you can choose between the two sweetly scented crystal balms! Yes, EOS decided to launch their new product in two charming scents – Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.

The Vanilla Orchid 
If the thought of a wax-free crystal balm that leaves your lips looking soft, hydrated and healthy tickles your fancy, then the EOS Vanilla Orchid crystal clear lip balm is exactly what you need! Aside from offering you weightless hydration, this variant gives you the soothing benefits of 5 nourishing oils (shea, avocado, and coconut just to mention a few) to keep your lips shining naturally and comfy all day long. The lip balm is also 100% vegan, hypoallergenic and Paraben & petrolatum-free.

The Hibiscus Peach 
If the Vanilla Orchid does not quite appeal to you tastes and preferences, then you can enjoy the same benefits from the other variant – the Hibiscus Peach. Intricately designed to offer users light / wax-free and smooth lip hydration, this vegan lip balm never disappoints.

Hopefully, EOS will introduce more scents in the near future, but for now, a user can enjoy the current variants – there is so much craze over these products anyway! Who wouldn’t dig having a crystal-clear lip balm made from a simple yet beneficial vegan formula? Plus, users also get to enjoy an array of health benefits. For instance, the oils and ingredients found on vegan lip balms not only leaves the lips feeling soft and fantastic but also nourishes them. This can even help to repair damages that may be as a result of exposure to extreme temperatures. All of this simply means that vegan crystal EOS lip balms can protect your lips and also promote healthy skin or lips. Sounds cool, right?

Aside from the Crystal balms, EOS also offers an array of lip balm products. You’ve got to hand it to them when it comes to design and ingredient composition – it’s all just exquisite and fairly priced for that matter. From the iconic round balm containers that demand attention on first sight to the delightful array of flavors, EOS lip balms are the best in the industry. Enjoy the immense benefits of lip balms that are tender and nourishing to your lips while at the same time fully packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, jojoba oil, shea butter to ensure that your lips remain shiny, smooth, healthy and, most importantly, beautiful!

Worried about any health risks? Well, EOS always goes an extra mile to ensure that all their lip balm products are hypoallergenic, paraben & petrolatum-free and dermatologist tested just to make sure that you enjoy the best of the best lip balm products in the market. Treat your lips to the best care, and you’ll never think twice about showing them off for the world to see and admire. Take advantage of their extensive product line to find lip and skin care products designed to work wonders in your life. You’ll be surprised at how much they have to offer – all at very affordable prices.