Healthy Ways to Use Coconut Oil Every Day

Coconut oil has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It is a healthy fat that is brimming with benefits and is extremely versatile. Plus, it just tastes great. Here are some keys ways to incorporate coconut oil into your daily life.

Smoothie ingredient

If you love starting your day with a healthy smoothie, you will definitely enjoy adding coconut oil to the mix. For a basic recipe, try almond milk, fresh or frozen berries, bananas and a spoonful of coconut oil. In addition, coconut oil is great in all sorts of recipes, from cookies to cake and much more.

Cooking oil

It is important to be particular about the types of oils you use for cooking and heating. And coconut oil can handle high heat while tasting great. Try it for stove cooking when you need an oil for cooking scrambled eggs and pancakes.


Personal care products like deodorant can be filled with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives. But why use those products when a healthy deodorant is as close as your kitchen? That’s correct. Keep a little jar of coconut oil in the bathroom, and dab a bit on your underarms with your fingers. You can use the same coconut oil product for body care as you use for cooking.

Face and body moisturizer

That same little jar of coconut oil you keep in your bathroom can also be a go-to moisturizer for your entire body. Gently massage coconut oil into your face, including eye area, and on the skin all over the rest of your body.

Makeup remover and conditioner

Yet another beauty use for coconut oil is as makeup remover. Just dab a bit of the oil on your closed eyes, and gently wipe off with a tissue or cotton ball. Also, your hair will drink up the moisture from the deep conditioning of coconut oil.

Oil pulling essential

The practice of oil pulling involves swishing or “pulling” oil around your mouth. Benefits include better gum and tooth health. You can even add other ingredients such as a few drops of oregano oil to the coconut oil for added benefits.

Numerous brands of coconut oil are available at local health stores, grocery stores and online. Just look for a product that is organic and unrefined. Then get started with exploring all the great results that come from using this oil daily.