How Females Can Build Muscle and Still Look Lean

The vast majority of females want to lose weight and look more toned. However, few women utilize weight training on a regular basis. Some people wrongly assume that lifting weights will make a woman look muscular and bulky.

New studies show the importance of building muscle as a person ages. A regular exercise program is one of the best ways to stay in shape and live an active lifestyle. There are ways that females can build muscle without looking too bulky.


A proper diet is the foundation of any fitness program. Anyone who wants to lose weight or build muscle needs to adjust their diet accordingly. To build muscle, a person must eat more calories than the body burns each day. Some women have trouble eating enough to build muscle.

If someone cannot eat enough calories, the best way to increase caloric intake is to drink protein shakes. Protein shakes are comprised of whey protein powder and water. These drinks provide a ton of protein quickly.

Losing Fat

After gaining a few pounds of muscle mass, some females may want to lose fat. Losing fat is an excellent way to look more toned and athletic. The best way to lose fat is to slightly reduce caloric intake while maintaining a weight training program. Over time, a person will look leaner without compromising muscle.

Some women go on crash diets before a significant event to lose weight and feel better about themselves. Most of these diets work by drastically reducing caloric intake. Although this strategy provides quick weight loss, the weight loss is not sustainable. The vast majority of people gain the weight back quickly.


Stress is another significant component of a fitness plan. If a person feels stressed, it will be much harder to have success with any health program. Females should take time to meditate and relax each day to reduce stress.