How Nutrition and Personal Care Affect Overall Health

Proper nutrition is a vital tenant for a well balanced life. Eating healthy means providing your body with enough sufficient nutrients that can fuel the mind and all major organs to function properly. Choosing a variety of food sources and minimizing excessive amounts of sugar, sodium, fats, and alcohol are sure ways to strengthen the body’s physical and mental health. How much can enhanced nutrition and physical activity affect your life? The best analogy of the body is comparing it with a vehicle. When a car is neglected or infused with bad quality gas, with time it will deteriorate unlike a vehicle that is looked after and uses quality fuel.

How Nutrition and Personal Care Effect Overall Health

Macro nutrients are just as vital to consume as micro nutrients. Macro nutrients are the 3 major parts of nutrition: protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Eliminating one of these in your diet can negatively effect the composition of your body. The body equally needs all macro nutrients in order to thrive and sustain itself in a healthy manner. However, along with these major nutrients, incorporating a decent amount of micronutrients is also necessary. The body needs both to fully reach optimal health. When you do give your body quality nutrition, not only will daily physical activity be easier to achieve, but sleep quality will improve as well.

Lacking vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, or vitamin B12 have been linked to triggering symptoms of depression. Low quality mental health makes physical activity significantly harder, which in turn prevents the production of chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins from releasing. Prioritizing nutrition and personal care has very little to do with physical aesthetics and everything to do with how the body can optimally function. Eating right and regular exercise can dramatically alter the body’s composition and mental health for long term positive affects.

The body needs energy from nutrients in order to function correctly. Without nutritional food, your metabolic functions will drastically decline while your physical and mental health will no longer know how to fight off conditions such as type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. However, in order to truly enhance overall health, it’s important to find your balance. Exercising too much and restricting is also just as mentally draining as doing the complete opposite. So long as you have personal care and nutrition fairly high on your priority list, you’ll reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.