How to Build Muscle Naturally

Starting a Program

Some people struggle to build muscle naturally. Increased muscle mass has a host of health benefits. Various studies show that people with large amounts of muscle tend to live longer than people who are frail.

The process to build muscle is not easy. Building muscle requires three necessary conditions in the body.

  • Muscular Damage
  • Adequate Protein
  • Rest

Resistance Training

The most effective way to produce muscular damage in the body is resistance training. Resistance training can be intimidating for people who lack experience lifting weights. Working with a coach can help a novice lifter make gains in the gym.

By performing resistance training exercises several times each week, a person can cause enough muscular damage to develop muscle. By focusing on compound lifts, people can develop multiple muscle groups at the same time. Most people are surprised to learn how little exercise it takes to cause muscular damage.

Healthy Diet

It is challenging to build muscle without a solid diet. The most important part of an eating plan is getting adequate protein. Some people supplement their protein intake by drinking whey protein shakes. Chicken and tuna are also excellent sources of protein.

A person’s diet should also contain nutritious food. Some people wrongly assume that eating a healthy diet is not required when exercising. An eating plan full of vitamins and nutrients will give a person more energy and vitality.


Few people sleep enough each night. Some people even brag about the limited amount of sleep they get. Instead of trying to get the minimum amount of sleep, people should prioritize sleep over other activities.

Sleep is especially important when starting a new exercise routine. The body builds muscle mass while a person is sleeping. By eating a healthy diet and prioritizing sleep, people who exercise will notice physical improvements faster.