How you Should Prepare for International Travel

International travel can be intriguing especially if you are traveling for an extended period. So the first question that lingers in the mind of people who travel a lot is how can one stay healthy when traveling for 365 days? One should be aware of what they should pack in case they get sick considering that each place is different and has its own set of challenges. This is made difficult by the changes in weather and government policies. As a result, access to pharmacies and vaccines may be limited and one ought to travel fully prepared. Taveler’s Medical Service is an American firm that specializes with medical travel. Its executive director who is also its co-founder Rebecca Acosta says that when it comes to international travel, under preparedness and over preparedness fall in the same category. She notes that someone traveling across the globe should not travel with syringes or I.V bags. However, people who are traveling to rural areas can carry these items. Jada Yuan has been traveling her entire life and she is a member of the 52 Places Traveler. She says that in 2018 she had an extensive kit to the extent of being referred to as a drug dealer by a Moroccan customs officer.

She, however, notes that one year later and having traveled 74,900 miles her kit is still intact and hasn’t used any medicine she had packed on the kit. Another traveler who shares the same story is Sebastian Modak. He says that his first aid kit has not been touched for the last five months. The best thing when traveling is to have a checklist of the things that you need. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control can be the best place to start. Here you will find a packing list of what you need for the places that you plan to visit. They will also have health notices for these places and a list of vaccines you will need when traveling to such places. You should also check with the World Health Organization as the institution can give you some crucial information regarding the yellow fever. When traveling abroad you should ensure that you have a travel insurance. People traveling with their company don’t have to worry about the insurance. However, make sure the cover that you settle for has medevac services especially if you plan on going to rural areas. Some items on the first aid kit include tweezers, aloe gel, alcohol swabs, bandages, topical cream as well as a digital thermometer and insect repellent.