Insurance Companies Looking to Provide Their Own Health Care

Throughout the past, people have had to go through multiple companies in order to have their respective healthcare needs taken care of. However, this could soon be changing as insurance companies are beginning to take more of a comprehensive look at health care. In this article, you will find out more information about how insurance and healthcare companies are beginning to merge.

The wave of insurance companies entering into the world of healthcare began during the latter portion of 2017. It was during this time that the CVS company had made plans to spend $69 billion in order to acquire the Aetna insurance company. The goal of this plan is to begin converting CVS pharmacies into a sort of one-stop healthcare facility while customers are in between their regularly scheduled doctor check-ups.

It was only a few days ago when insurance company Cigna announced that it will be purchasing Express Scripts. According to Time, Express Scripts currently has a database of nearly 80 million people. In addition, major companies Humana and UnitedHealth are currently working on projects in order expand their abilities to provide health care to customers. Amazon is even looking to enter the world of health care. This massive company announced that it will be collaborating with JPMorgan Chase in order to provide low-cost and high-quality care to consumers.

Many feel that these developments aren’t only going to make it easier for consumers, it’s also going to help insurance companies in a massive way. Insurance companies often have to deal with costs that are out of their control in regards to negotiations with hospitals and doctor’s offices. That being said, it appears that these developments are being done to help insurance companies cut costs associated with these negotiations. Under these mergers, insurance companies will be able to have their own group of in-house care providers of customers.

To summarize, many recent news stories have been reporting plans for insurance companies to begin merging with healthcare providers. News of these mergers is expected to help consumers in regards to only being able to need care through one company. That being said, many industry experts feel that these changes are coming in order to help insurers cut costs associated with rate negotiations. These mergers allow insurance companies to have easier access to care provider without having to worry about stressful and costly negotiations.