Jeunesse Global Explores How Feeling Good Can Affect Your Appearance

Most everyone has a desire to project a healthy, happy appearance to the world around them, right? Turns out, how you treat your inside is often reflected by your outside. Here, Jeunesse Global dives into how to feel and look good.

The Importance of Nutrition to Your Beauty Routine

A comprehensive beauty routine not only cares for your skin externally but also internally. Many people make the mistake of disregarding health as a major component of beauty, relying solely on topical creams and lotions (which Jeunesse has addressed before). To holistically care for your skin, consider these ideas that go with the “from the inside out” approach.

Consume the Secret Ingredients

One of the most fundamental ways to start feeling better – and, ultimately, look better – is to improve your diet. Eating too much processed food and/or taking in too much sugar or salt can leave you feeling sluggish. That’s where the right blend of vitamins and minerals comes in.

We suggest clean eating, or a diet rich in natural choices such as fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grain carbohydrates and lean proteins. Try eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, as well as “superfoods” like blueberries, kale and pomegranate, which can provide an array of nutrients and antioxidants.

We all know that fruits and vegetables should be a cornerstone of any healthy diet. They contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that boost health and immunity as well as benefit skin. But, how exactly will your skin benefit from nutrient-rich foods?

Deficiencies in vitamin A can cause dry or flaky skin and increase your risk for sun damage. When you are perusing the fruit and vegetable selection, remember to look for brightly colored options like red peppers, carrots and peaches, as these all contain high amounts of vitamin A.

Vitamin C is another big player in maintaining beautiful skin, hair and nails, with its antioxidant properties. High amounts of vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, broccoli, leafy greens and strawberries, so try to prioritize these in your diet.

Another antioxidant is vitamin E, found in almonds, walnuts, avocados, eggs, spinach and olives. As free radicals are a major cause of premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration, antioxidants are crucial to your efforts in eating your way toward healthier skin.

Minerals like selenium and zinc are also needed for your body to function and maintain a youthful look. Selenium helps skin look firm and assists the body in absorbing vitamin E. Zinc can help improve the look of damaged skin. Nuts, wheat, onions, whole grains and fish are packed with selenium and zinc.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, healthy fats should be included in your diet. Healthy forms of fat are found in most nuts, seeds and fish.

Supplementing Your Diet

With a busy lifestyle, this type of diet can be a challenge, as daily dietary needs include a long list of vitamins, minerals and oils that come from all types of foods. Even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to get everything your body needs from food alone.

Supplements are a great way to fill the gap between what you’re getting and what you need. The beauty and skin care company Jeunesse offers AM & PM Essentials, formulated by a Noble Prize nominee and board-certified physician. The supplement duo is exclusively designed for your well-being. AM Essentials is an innovative daytime formula containing essential vitamins and key minerals. PM Essentials is a restorative nighttime formula containing key nutrients and proprietary blends.

Despite our best efforts, it can be difficult to eat right all the time and get all our essential nutrients through food alone.

One of the best remedies for this is to add the supplements to your diet that are designed with your beauty in mind. Where can you buy skin supplements? One option is Jeunesse.

Jeunesse offers AM & PM Essentials, a twice daily supplement with an impressive ingredient list that hits all the right marks. The supplements contain a balanced blend of key vitamins as well as powerful minerals. They also contain Jeunesse exclusive blends of extracts and oils.

The Basics of Beauty

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking enough water – around six to eight glasses – a day will help keep your skin supple and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

In tandem with good hydration, a best-kept secret to natural beauty is proper nutrition. According to WedMD, among other sources, it is critical to get the daily recommended vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. In order to meet your nutritional needs, eat a balance of healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fiber, and supplement as necessary.

However, heavily processed foods with too many artificial ingredients can have a detrimental effect on your body and, ultimately, your appearance. When you pay attention to what you eat for your overall health and beauty, it is as important to avoid the bad as it is to load up on the good.

Additional Steps

Although nutrition is a major factor when it comes to your overall health and appearance, there are others to pay attention to to make sure you’re living your healthiest life.

Keep Moving Forward

In addition to the right nutrition, exercise is a cornerstone of feeling good and looking good. But, for many people, exercising regularly is no easy feat, because of time constraints and lack of energy.

But there is good news: Your focus on nutrition may increase your energy levels. Remember when you begin exercising, start with a slow- or moderate-intensity exercise, such as walking 20 minutes a day. This will give your body a chance to adjust to your new activity level.

Ready to take the first step toward feeling more energized and improving your appearance? There is no better time than now.

Find Your Peace

Stress can be detrimental to the way you look and increase the appearance of dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Consuming the right balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, in tandem with exercise, may reduce your stress levels and help you rest easier. If good, restorative rest is something you’re aiming to improve, consider PM Essentials, which targets your body’s nighttime needs.

The Takeaway

To look good on the outside, we recommend you also take good care of your body on the inside. This can be a challenge, but improving your overall well-being can be done gradually, with small lifestyle changes and with supplements like those offered by Jeunesse. An invigorated effort to nourish your body and mind can translate into a positive vibe that radiates through to your outward appearance, from the look of your skin to the smile on your face.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is vital to maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance. Food groups that make a difference in the look of your skin, hair and nails include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats.

As hard as we may try to eat right every day, most of us will still miss out on some essentials that our body needs. Adding supplements like AM & PM Essentials is a great option to not only improve your natural beauty but also your overall health.