Jeunesse Global’s Guide to Choosing the Right Supplements for You

Choosing the right supplements can be intimidating – Jeunesse is here to help.

It’s probably not a surprise to anyone that supplements can be considerable tools in improving your overall health. But not all supplements are created equal. Before you get started on a vitamin or supplement routine, you should bear in mind a couple of key aspects. Jeunesse Global has created a quick guide to help you choose the right supplements for your individual needs.

Step 1: Know Your Body

Jeunesse Advises That You Check in with Yourself Instead of Following Trends

Before you start picking up products, you’ll want to do a little self-evaluation. Supplements are a truly personal subject. You may find while you’re on the road to creating a successful vitamin regimen that you have sensitivities to certain ingredients or unexpected reactions to products. Each body is different, and something that works for someone else might not work for you.

Think about additional factors that impact your body: age, gender, environment. Chances are you can find products tailored to your needs. More individualized vitamins, superfoods and minerals can target these factors better than generalized supplements that don’t target anything specific. For example, supplements such as Reserve, our berry delicious antioxidant fruit blend and No. 1 seller, offer a powerful boost of superfruits that help you stay energized and protect against free radicals. Again, the choices you make should be about your own body and its needs.

Step 2: Target Your Own Concerns

As Advised by Jeunesse, It's Important to Take the Right Supplements for You

Now that you’ve figured out what your body needs, you can start thinking about what you want. There are some truly ingenious supplements hitting the shelves these days that can help you target a bunch of your concerns.

Along those lines, you’ll find hundreds of weight loss regimens out there, too. While there is no “magic pill” to give you the perfect body overnight, some products out there can really boost you as you strive to reach your goals – products such as those in our ZEN BODI line and within our popular ZEN Project 8. The ZP8 movement and its social media community full of fellow achievers can help you focus on cleansing your internal systems as well as curbing your appetite and reprogramming your body, making a positive lifestyle change easier to achieve.

Step 3: Figure Out What You’re Missing

It Can Take a While to Build Your Supplement Regimen, so Jeunesse Advises Not to Rush!

Defined your goals? Trying out a few different supplements? You’ll probably notice quickly that some supplements are better than others for your personal needs. If a product isn’t working for you – or worse, you’re having an adverse reaction – get rid of it! There’s no benefit to taking a supplement that’s not benefiting you. Reevaluate the concerns you’re trying to target.

If you notice a bit of brain fog or trouble concentrating after a particularly difficult day at work, maybe it’s time to target that concern. M1ND is a dietary supplement featuring clinically show CERA-Q to support memory and L-theanine to help reduce mental distraction.

Regardless of your personal goals or concerns, we highly recommend you incorporate a supplement into your health routine, and see the results for yourself.

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