Jeunesse Presents 4 Ways to Look Younger in 15 Minutes

We all want to have that youthful glow every morning, but let’s be honest, that’s not always realistic. Dealing with stress at work, not getting enough sleep last night – we all have dozens of reasons we sometimes wake up to puffy eyes and a few fine lines. Preventative skin care is great for battling such stressors, and Jeunesse Global (who we’ve talked about here) recommends that everyone invests in a serum for their routine. But what about those times when you need that “10 years younger” super boost for a special event or occasion? Here are five ways to look younger in minutes, so you can feel ready to tackle the day – or special evening – ahead.

1. The Perfect Patch

Jeunesse Global Understands How Important it Can Be to Feel Confident in Your Own Skin as You Age

If you’ve awakened to discover a puffy-eyed creature in the mirror, this is the first thing you should address. Under-eye masks or patches are a simple way to add moisture to the area and calm irritated skin. Whether you’re looking for a specific ingredient your skin loves or a certain material, with so many products on the market these days, you can find the perfect one for you.

Bonus: To make them more effective, try sticking them in the fridge. The cooling factor can amplify the de-puffing effects of eye masks. Apply them during your morning routine, after you apply all of your regular skin care products, but before makeup. If you style your hair daily, this is the perfect time in your daily regime to pop them on and let them work their magic.

2. Skincare Savior

Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse Global works in seconds to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While most products in your anti-aging routine work on a more long-term basis, a few specific treatments can provide an almost instantaneous effect.

Instantly Ageless, Jeunesse Global’s miracle micro-cream, works in seconds to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This multipurpose product can be used under your eyes, around your forehead and above the brows, on crow’s feet and even for reducing the appearance of pores. Just dab the product on the desired area, fan it dry for a minute, and watch as your skin appears smoother and plumper in seconds. Effects can last from six to nine hours.

3. Powder, Take a Powder

 If you don’t want to go too heavy handed with glowy products, opt for a more filling primer like NV Primer by Jeunesse Global.

If you’ve noticed a few fine lines appearing, consider a few adjustments to your makeup and skin care regimens. Ensure your makeup isn’t emphasizing these fine lines – yikes! – by switching out powder products for creams. That includes your finishing powder, highlighter, blush and bronzer.

The good news: Amazing cream and liquid products tend to look more natural on the skin than their powder alternatives. If you like a natural look, this is a perfect option.

Aiming for the youthful look of dewy skin? Layer a few lightweight products, instead of going all in with one heavy-hitter. If you don’t want to go too heavy handed with glowy products, opt for a more filling primer like NV Primer. Combine it with Jeunesse Global’s NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation and NV Bronzer for a professional airbrushed finish, all with the magic of an oil-free micro-mist.

4. Lipstick Tricks

Jeunesse Global Believes You Should Feel Comfortable with Makeup and Without!

Once you’ve got your makeup on, it’s time to perfect that pout. Lipstick can have a profound effect on your overall appearance. Whether you’re rocking a bold red lip or a subtle nude, having a few go-to lip shades is an absolute must for every makeup lover.

If you have mature skin, you might have noticed that your lips have become more dry and cracked. With a few key products, you can easily minimize these pesky problems.

The first rule of thumb should always be lip balm. Seriously, can you ever really have enough ChapStick? Apply it as frequently as you’d like throughout the day, or as much as you feel is necessary to really hydrate the area. You might also want to try a lip scrub. These magic little tubs hydrate and exfoliate at the same time, leaving you with plump, hydrated, baby-smooth lips. Top that with – you guessed it – more lip balm, and you’ve got the perfect base for any lip product.

Now, if you’re curious which lip products look best on mature skin, we’ve got you covered. While it may seem counterintuitive, glossy lip products can be your best friend. Glosses can not only make your lips look hydrated, they can have a plumping effect as well. You can’t go wrong with full, juicy, glossy lips!

And there you have it. With these quick tips, you can create the perfect youthful look without spending a ton of time waiting for results. But we want to hear from you! What are your tips and tricks to achieve youthful looking skin? Feel free to leave a quick comment down below!

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