Keeping Healthy as you Age

It is very crucial to keep yourself healthy as you grow older. Since your body begins to slow down and need more attention, a great way to keep healthy is to exercise regularly. Another way to keep fit is to eat healthy. Finally, you can go to your doctor for regular visits to ensure your body is doing great and to see if anything needs attention.

Exercising Regularly

The NHC Choices recommends that seniors do two types of exercises every week. These two are aerobic and strength. Aerobic exercises are activities like cycling, walking or jogging. Strength exercises are activities that work the major muscle groups. NHC Choices suggests doing strength exercises at least two days a week. They also recommend doing moderate aerobic exercises for 150 minutes a week or vigorous aerobic exercises for 75 minutes a week.

Eating Healthy

With the plethora of advanced technology, getting healthy groceries has never been easier. You can use mobile applications like DoorDash or InstaCart to have groceries delivered anywhere. Mayo Clinic suggests a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, protein foods and oils. If getting food delivered is the problem for a senior citizen and instead it is a money issue, there are many tips online to eat healthy and still save money. WebMD has a great list of inexpensive foods that provide great nutrition.

Visiting the Doctor Regularly

Mayo Clinic suggest that the elderly should have a regular visit to a physician every year. They explain that at this visit, the patient should tell the doctor about all of their health concerns however insignificant. The doctor could notice something that an elderly patient might have missed as a possible problem. The doctor here should also go over all medications, lifestyle activities and run routine exams. A Mayo Clinic doctor recommends that an elderly patient visiting their doctor for a medical checkup should bring their concerns written down and all medication being taken. In regards to medication being taken, this doctor recommends that they bring over-the-counter ones as well.

In conclusion, a person growing older will need to take particular concern over their health. Old age does not have to mean needless worry, but it does have to mean gentle awareness. Exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and visiting the doctor often should help promote good health. Without a doubt, one’s later years can be a source of joy as prudent maintenance is undertaken for the body. To learn more,