Less Common Symptoms Of Diabetes

Though a serious illness, diabetes often precipitates certain common symptoms that indicate its presence. That said, some people experience less well-known physical manifestations that mimic other ailments. This brief blog will examine what some of the more less commonly known diabetes symptoms are.

Diabetes Defined

Prior to discussing specific manifestations, it is important to offer a brief discussion regarding the illness. Diabetes is caused by the body’s inability to produce or synthesize the nutrient glucose (sugar).

There are two distinct forms of the ailment. Type I Diabetes occurs when the body’s pancreas fails to produce the hormone insulin. Individuals with the Type II variety produce little insulin or, in other instances, their bodies do not properly metabolize the substance. Regardless of diagnosed category, stricken individuals can experience wild fluctuations of their blood sugar levels, which can precipitate a host of potentially serious symptoms.

Less Common Symptoms

In many cases the disease elicits a number of common symptoms such as increased urinary output, excessive hunger and thirst, fatigue and unexplained weight loss. However, the ailment can also produce several less commonly experienced symptoms including:

Slow Healing Cuts And Bruises

Individuals with elevated blood sugar levels experience a decrease in oxygen permeating through the blood stream. Oxygen-rich blood is vital to repairing the damaged or inflamed tissues that occur following a wound. Therefore, everyday scrapes and injuries that heal quickly in others take longer to mend in those with diabetes.

Increased Risk Of Genital Infections

Diabetes might precipitate the development of genital infections in both men and women. Organisms that cause the ailments (such as yeast) are said to be fueled by glucose. Ergo, diabetics are at an increased risk of becoming stricken with such maladies.

Sleep Disturbances

The precipitous blood sugar fluctuations experienced by diabetics can precipitate issues such as night sweats, discomfort and vivid nightmares. Any or all of these manifestations could result in sleep disturbances or the onset of full-blown insomnia.

Skin Maladies

Dehydration is a common byproduct of diabetes. This systemic loss of water can result in dry skin. Skin that is not receiving enough moisture is more susceptible to becoming itchy, inflamed and more apt to discoloration.

Sexual Issues

Medical professionals claim that diabetes can damage the blood vessels surrounding sexual and reproductive organs in both men and women. Therefore, symptoms such as painful intercourse or sexual performance difficulties might ensue.


It is important to note that the presence of one or any of these manifestations does not necessarily indicate the presence of diabetes. That said, such occurrences should not be ignored and discussed with a healthcare professional (especially if said symptoms occur in tandem with more common diabetes manifestations).


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