Lifestyle Habits for Successful Addiction Recovery

Recovery from any form of addiction can be a daily battle. Eliminating past destructive behaviors and adopting a healthier lifestyle can give you the tools and strength to win the war. Slowly incorporate new and positive activities into your life. Too many sudden changes can be overwhelming and lead to failure.


Starting an exercise regime may seem intimidating. Start slowly and set realistic personal goals. Do not attempt a marathon if you have never jogged a day in your life. A simple walk around the block is a good beginning for a confirmed couch potato.

Physical activity has many benefits besides building a stronger body. Exercise releases endorphins into your system that boosts mood, increases self-confidence and relieves mental and emotional stress. Enlist the help of a workout buddy to keep you motivated and make exercise an enjoyable part of your day.


Excessive use of drugs and alcohol impair appetite and may lead to undernourishment. A healthy diet is typically of little concern during the early stage of recovery. Many addicts instinctively reach for caffeine and sugar as a means to recapture the rush of their addiction. This unhealthy habit can increase the chance of relapse.

Many nutritionists and experts in recovery recommend a “Whole Food” diet. It is a very simple concept. Avoid anything your great-grandmother would not identify as food and serve her family. This automatically eliminates processed foods from your diet and gives you a healthy base to build from.

Adopt a never hungry but never stuffed philosophy. Try to eat four to six small meals a day instead of three larger ones. This not only prevents overeating it helps maintain stable blood sugars levels.

Hobbies and Leisure

Excess leisure time is a potential problem during recovery. It is imperative to develop new interests and pastimes. Try not to focus on one single hobby. Avoid replacing your addiction with another obsession.

Alter your daily routine as much as possible. Frequenting the same places and socializing with the same group of people as you did when you were in the throws of your addiction can trigger dangerous cravings. Avoidance is not cowardice especially in the early days of your recovery.

Embrace the possibilities. Each step brings you closer to a happy and healthy life.