Living With Type 2 Diabetes

Living with a chronic medical condition can be debilitating to some people, but to the many who want to live a healthy, active, diabetes is not an obstacle. Having Type 2 Diabetes does not have to seem like a life sentence to manage the disease. It is matter of eating healthy, taking medication if prescribed, and checking your blood sugar regularly. The onset of diabetes does not come without warning. Usually a most apparent symptom is that a person will experience extreme thirst, Elevated blood sugar levels will cause headaches, dizziness, and in some people, an insatiable craving for anything containing sugar. Eating sweet treats become a seemingly unbreakable habit.

Once diagnosed, diabetes is easy to treat, and it can be controlled. The best tip for diabetes management is consistency. To control your diabetes, you will be given all of the necessary tools. This is provided by your insurance coverage. You will be taught how to check your blood sugar on a regular basis, and record it. If the diabetes is insulin dependent, you will be instructed on how to use the vial and syringes, and how to self inject. If pills were prescribed, take them as ordered, and try not to miss taking any. During the initial diagnosis, a dietitian is usually suggested to help you learn to plan and prepare healthy, low carb/low sugar meals.
Learning to eat healthy can be fun as well as healthy.

The main thing is to try to stick to a schedule, and become more active. There is an important correlation between diet, exercise, proper sleep, and diabetes. So, get a good, restful night of sleep every night. Living with diabetes can be simple. Just remember these important tips: Check your blood sugar levels regularly. Monitoring is the key to keeping it in control. Take your medication, and check your feet often. Clean them with a gentle cloth or brush, and dry them thoroughly. Take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing them regularly. Be sure to see your dentist if dental problems should arise. Get moving, be more active, eat healthy snacks as well as move, and take care of your skin. Having diabetes can cause serious problems with the skin, causing bacteria to form, and may cause fungal infections. See your doctor as often as he recommends, and you can live happy, and healthy, even when you are diabetic.