Managing Endometriosis Pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, 5-10% of the female population suffers from endometriosis(1). Here are three ways to deal with the pain:

1. Heat It Up

Most ladies with endometriosis are best buddies with their heating pads, but there are other ways to bring the heat to relieve pain. Relaxing in a hot bath with Epsom salts or scented oils is a great way to sooth an unhappy body and reduce stress that can make chronic pain worse.

Another way to use heat to your advantage when you can’t use a heating pad or take a hot soak is to drink hot tea. Note that any tea that is used for endometriosis pain management should be caffeine free, because caffeine makes pain worse. Look for rooibos or herbal teas to sooth your mind and body.

2. Set Yourself Up for Success

Knowing that you live with a chronic pain condition sometimes means planning for the bad days. Setting yourself up for success with a good environment allows you to deal with the pain without having to deal with extra stressors.

In a study by Prescott & Wilkie (2), it was shown that smelling pleasant smells allows people to endure more pain than when they are smelling unpleasant smells or nothing at all. This can be introduced into an endometriosis sufferer’s life by using oil diffusers or candles and eliminating bad smells by maintaining a clean household; managing upkeep on good days or knowing your limitations and seeking outside help can keep your environment comfortable.

3. Get Moving

While getting up and moving may seem like an insurmountable task when pain is at its worst, physical activity can be one of the most beneficial things for the human body. No one is expecting endometriosis sufferers to get up and run a marathon when they can hardly walk, but some type of movement can be extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. A short walk, dancing to a song on the radio or a gentle yoga practice can help by distracting a person from the pain, getting the blood moving and showing them that they can still work towards fitness goals even when they’re feeling horrible.

There’s no cure for endometriosis, but with these tips hopefully endometriosis sufferers can learn to live with their pain better.