Mark Mofid Raises the Bar For Plastic Surgeons

San Diego’s Dr. Mark Mofid knows that of most of the businesses one can go into, plastic surgery is one of the hardest to master. Months after a patient’s Brazilian butt lift (gluteal fat grafting), rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, the results must be absolutely perfect to earn the trust and reviews needed to bring in even more patients.
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So far, Mark Mofid has landed the hard-earned trust of thousands of patients. Boasting a 4 and 1/2 star review on Yelp!, something extraordinarily difficult for plastic surgeons, most of Mofid’s patients wax poetically of his skills, stating that letting Mofid lead their transformation has been life-changing.

But part of Mofid’s charm and popularity stems from how he has taken a decidedly new-school approach, not just to neck lifts or breast reductions or liposuction, but how to run a plastic surgery business in one of the most competitive places in the world: La Jolla and San Diego.

Here’s how he’s leading a new school of surgeons:

Mark Mofid Customizes His Surgeries To Patients

Mark Mofid San Diego For some plastic surgeons, a one-size-fits-all approach is a part of how they serve their patients. They’ll give a tall, thin woman and short, curvy woman the same size of breast implant, even though results could not be any more different. For Dr. Mofid, developing a patient plan based on each individual person is one of the big reasons his patients come to him.

When patients decide to use San Diego-based Dr. Mofid to transform how they look, they are gifted with a plan that explains the whys and hows a particular procedure is executed. For the woman who comes in for a mommy makeover, for instance, Mark Mofid explains how he’ll deliver subtle, beautiful results, designed to transform without the shock factor.

In other words, Mofid would rather his patients be noticed like they would after a great haircut, rather than after chopping off many inches of hair and taking on a new, unnatural hair color.

He Conducts Intensive Research

Many of the procedures Mark Mofid performs are ones he’s studied on a scientific level, including buttock augmentation with silicone implants or abdominoplasty revision. On his website, you’ll find a long list of studies he’s led or worked on with some of the world’s most renowned doctors and scientists.

Mark Mofid Surgeon
Wrinkled eyelids are a part of the aging process, they can make us appear tired or sullen. The ideal way to correct and rejuvenate the eyelids is with eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty.

For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Magazine, for instance, he pioneered a new way to reposition lower eyelid fat during a midface lift, using a trans oral approach. For the layman, that doesn’t mean much, but for the patient who needs to be absolutely certain her doctor understands why he’s doing what he’s doing, this impressive body of scientific work means a lot.

Mark Mofid also concentrates on making surgeries easier and more efficient. His critically lauded report on using a simple technique to arrange breast implants was considered a game-changer and went a long way to giving patients natural-looking implants that retained proper position – even over time. The paper, which focused on 25 women with the ultimate goal of reducing or eliminating revision surgery, showed that Mofid’s technique reduced revision surgeries to zero, while other techniques required revision surgeries for 40% of patients.

He Campaigns For Safety

Mark Mofid ASERF Research
ASERF Task Force Diagram on Gluteal Implants

Few procedures have gained the fast popularity of the Brazilian butt lift, specifically designed to restore or create a perky, proportionate derriere. For the slim girl who has larger breasts but lacks proportion in the lower area, the Brazillian butt lift delivers exactly what’s needed. But with so many plastic surgeons performing the procedure using different techniques and materials to fill the rear area, the risks are beyond high.

In an exhaustive study conducted by Mark Mofid, the doctor explored the safest ways to conduct the procedure, raising alarms on all the ways a patient is put at risk (fat embolism being one). He helped set up a task force for the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation Task Force, establishing a legitimate, professional organization dedicated to scientific research and safety for the plastic surgery business.

He Uses The Best In Imaging

Dr. Mofid’s patients often face significant challenges imagining what they’ll look like after their surgeries. Many are unsure of exactly what they want, from obvious results and big changes to delicate, subtle changes. Dr. Mofid uses advanced imaging to show the patient exactly what they’ll look like after their procedure.

Led by a practice manager and cosmetic coordinator, each patient is given a session featuring digital imaging software to see how the patient will “morph” into their new look. This delivers a firm before and after simulation, helping patients make the right decision for their surgery.

Ultimately, Mofid and his team use a combination of technology and experience to help patients make sound decisions about what type of surgery they’ll undergo, and how the outcome comports with the person’s body, age, and other features.

He’s Extremely Picky About His Employees

San Diego Skin Mark Mofid With such a sterling reputation as a surgeon, positions at Mark Mofid’s office are extremely prized. When a position opens up Mofid says he may get hundreds of resumes — sometimes as many as 500.

As part of his vetting process, Mofid looks at each employee, not just for their skills, but for their future goals. Do they want to learn and explore and grow as an employee? Do they have set plans or ambition to move beyond their starting position? Mofid takes special care in hiring new employees.

Mofid continues to leverage word-of-mouth and great reviews to continue his run as one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in San Diego. With his strong scientific background, advocacy, and high standards, he’ll no doubt stay on top for years to come.



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