MB2 Dental Solutions Campaign Collects $83,000 For Texas Hurricane Victims

A major dental support organization recently succeeded in raising more than $83,000 to help staff members and affiliates who were harmed by Hurricane Harvey. The massive storm had a significant negative effect on at least 200 employees of MB2 Dental Solutions. It also impacted 25 dental offices that the organization serves.

Ongoing Effort

The company plans to keep collecting contributions via its headquarters and affiliated dental practices throughout the nation. Texan staff members have started to receive financial assistance from MB2. None of the organization’s employees became injured in the storm. However, Hurricane Harvey forced numerous individuals to evacuate. Severe weather damaged or destroyed many of their belongings.

The leaders of MB2 Dental decided to use a GoFundMe campaign to raise money. As of September 29, about 50 individuals had donated $83,438. Many contributions ranged from $75 to $200. Additionally, more than 170 users shared the campaign on Facebook. The company hopes to reach a goal of $100,000 before it stops collecting donations.

How it Started

When MB2’s founders heard about the tremendous destruction caused by Harvey, they quickly decided to initiate a fundraising effort. They also contributed a total of $15,000. Next, affiliated dental offices began collecting supplies and cash for storm victims. The organization obtained contributions from staff members in Tennessee, New Mexico, Alaska, Louisiana and other states.

Texans received a variety of aid materials from MB2 Dental Solutions during September. The supplies included food, drinking water, clothing and bed sheets. In addition to dental office and headquarters employees, these items benefited patients who urgently needed assistance. Workers gave the materials to people in Victoria, Houston, Beaumont and coastal Texas.

Executive’s Comments

Founder Chris Villanueva spoke about the storm and MB2’s fundraising campaign. The CEO called the hurricane’s impact “heartbreaking” and said that his company is treating the assistance effort as its top priority. He expressed confidence in the MB2 staff’s ability to continue helping hurricane victims in highly effective ways. Villanueva also praised the swift action taken by employees to assist patients and fellow workers during an emergency.

Harvey’s Impact

The enormous Category 4 hurricane struck the coast of Texas in late August. Heavy rain soon triggered widespread flooding. Consequently, nearly 40,000 residents had to evacuate the affected area. The storm moved slowly and repeatedly made landfall. This significantly increased the severity of the damage while creating greater risks for people who remained in the region.

In some places, precipitation levels reached 24 inches during the first day after Harvey arrived. The highest recorded rainfall total was an astounding 4.323 feet. It surpassed the previous record by nearly 4 inches. Some weather experts believe that the hurricane produced more rain than any U.S. storm during the past millennium. However, meteorologists didn’t begin recording rainfall data until about a century ago.

Different organizations disagree when they try to predict the cost of repairing Harvey’s damage. Loss estimates range from $70 to almost $200 billion, according to Forbes. Unfortunately, Texans probably lost uninsured belongings that were worth many billions of dollars. Numerous residents must rely on government assistance and charitable contributions.

The hurricane damaged or destroyed a wide range of structures as it brought torrential rain and high winds to the Lone Star State. They include homes, offices, shops, schools, manufacturing plants and refineries. Harvey also harmed a considerable number of automobiles in Houston and other cities. Car industry experts estimate that the floodwater ruined up to 500,000 vehicles.

Facts on MB2 Dental

This dental support organization partners with dentists across the nation. Its affiliates benefit from a variety of valuable services. The MB2 system enables them to boost efficiency, save time, maximize revenue and cut expenses. It also permits dental professionals to concentrate on treating their patients.

Experienced dentists developed MB2’s comprehensive service package. The company’s employees and computer software handle an assortment of complex non-dental tasks. They offer accounting, staff management, recruiting, regulatory compliance, collections, billing, information technology, credentialing and marketing services. For example, an MB2 specialist can provide technical support or work with a dental insurer to obtain payment.

The organization also assists dentists who want to purchase dental practices and train staff members. It can help them obtain supplies as well. The MB2 Dental procurement experts know how to find safe yet affordable goods. Even as affiliated dentists benefit from using these services and cooperating with fellow professionals, they retain full control over the clinical aspects of their businesses.

The advantages of MB2 membership have attracted numerous dental professionals. This organization has approximately 87 affiliates across six states. It maintains headquarters in Carrollton, Texas. The company continues to welcome additional dentists who wish to streamline their businesses by assigning administrative, financial and technical tasks to knowledgeable off-site specialists.