Megan Markle’s Health Regimen

Megan Markle, who is engaged to Prince Harry, is staying busy these days. Not only is she preparing for an upcoming wedding, but she is also staying busy with her professional life. She is a global ambassador of World Vision. She also stars on a television show called “Suits.” Although she is busy, she still takes the time to take care of her health.

Megan stated that she drinks green juice regularly. She also stated that she believes in indulging every now and then. French fries are one of her favorite foods. Megan believes it is all about balance. She stated that when you are in the spotlight, you feel like you are pressured to look and act a certain way.

Megan also stated that being healthy is not just about having glowing skin. She believes that it is about feeling rejuvenated from the inside out. Megan stated that is paying more attention to her health and fitness as she gets older.

Pilates is one of the parts of Megan’s health and fitness regimen. She admitted that there are days that she does not feel like working out. However, she feels euphoric once starts working out.

Megan Markle follows a plant-based diet. She stated that she is vegan during the week, but she has more flexibility on the weekends. She does not believe in restricting herself too much. However, she does not believe in over-indulging. She stated that if you are being on foods every day, then it is not a treat. It is a lifestyle.

Megan says that she was raised with a food as medicine philosophy. She stated that green juice is her fast food option. It is something that she can quickly make and consume. Meggan also enjoys running. She stated that it is a form of meditation for her.