More Doctors Are Prescribing Exercise

Melanie Foubert was determined to get back to optimal health after she had surgery to remove a tumor in her liver. Melanie, who is 36-years-old, had been active her whole life. However, she was forced to take time off from the gym when doctors found out that she had a tumor in her liver.

She faced many obstacles when she decided to start working out again. She gained weight due to her sedentary lifestyle and high-protein diet. Melanie saw an advertisement for a program called “Exercise is Medicine” when she was at a doctor’s appointment. She asked her doctor if she could get a referral for the program.

“Exercise is Medicine” is a program at the Reh-Fit Centre that lasts eight weeks. It shows people how they can incorporate exercise into their lives so that they can treat or prevent disease. Amandev Dhesi is the program coordinator. She stated that exercise can decrease people’s dependence on medication.

Dietitians, nurse practitioners and doctors can refer their patients to the program. The patient will be teamed up with a coach who can prescribe a program that best fits needs. Melanie does TRX suspension training and lifts weights. She also checks in with her coach every week.

Melanie’s life has changed for the better since she started going back to the gym. Not only is she getting physically stronger but she has also noticed a change in her mental health. She stated that it is a great way to alleviate her stress.

Dr. Michael Rutledge is a public health physician at the Reh-Fit Centre. He stated that doctors are specific when they give prescriptions. They also need to be specific when they give recommendations for exercise. Furthermore, Dr. Rutledge stated that it is possible to reverse disease by exercising.

The “Exercise is Medicine” Program costs $100. However, people who have low-income may be able to get financial assistance. Melanie is not back to optimal health yet, but she has noticed a drastic improvement. She wishes that she would have found out about this program much sooner.