How Non-Surgical Regimens, by Osteo Relief Institute, Mitigates the Excruciating Pain of Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is one of the most exceedingly common ailments affecting the US population today. In fact, it has been estimated that over 50 million Americans have some form of arthritis. Unfortunately, the symptoms associated with arthritis can become severe enough to impact the quality of life that patients experience, resulting in them seeking treatments of various types. What is arthritis and what problems can arise for those who suffer from this condition? What is the most common type of arthritis and why is this a common problem in today’s world? Lastly, what can treatment facilities such as the Osteo Relief Institute do to help curb this problem? The following information was put together to address further these important questions surrounding the topic of arthritis and the treatments designed to help those suffering from this common ailment.


What is Arthritis?


Many people think of arthritis as a single disease, but this is not the case. The Osteo Relief Institute describes arthritis as a group of diseases that affect the health and mobility of the joints. According to the Osteo Relief Institute, there are well over 100 different types of arthritis, each presenting with slightly different symptoms and effects within the body. The various types of arthritis can affect all age groups, nationalities, ethnicities, and genders.


What are the Most Common Types of Arthritis?


There are over 100 types of arthritis, but one main type remains the most common. The Osteo Relief Institute names osteoarthritis as the type that is most often associated with the natural aging process. Osteoarthritis is extremely common in Americans over the age of 55. It is believed that the natural aging process leads to a degeneration of the protective lining of the joints, allowing for an increase in unprotected friction to exacerbate pain and swelling. Over a period of time, the joints can lose some of their mobility and function as well. Osteoarthritis is only one type of arthritis, so the signs associated with other types of the disease can also vary widely.

Why is Arthritis So Prevalent Today?


With more people living to an older age in our medically advanced world, it stands to reason that an increased number of older adults will continue suffering from arthritis. Additionally, lifestyle factors can influence the development of certain types of arthritis. For example, carrying excess weight, smoking, and being overly sedentary are all things believed to increase the risk of developing arthritis. Other types of arthritis, such as Rheumatoid arthritis, are considered autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately, we are seeing a drastic increase in all types of autoimmune diseases as well for various reasons, many of which are poorly understood at this point.


The Effects of Suffering from Arthritis


What implications does suffering from arthritis have on an individual’s life? According to the Osteo Relief Institute, arthritis can lead to a tremendous amount of pain that can greatly impact an individual’s quality of life. Additionally, arthritis can lead to stiffness, swelling, and a limited range of motion in the affected joints. The effects of arthritis can negatively impact relationships, employment, recreational activities, and many other aspects of life.



About Osteo Relief Institute


With all of this considered, what treatment options does an individual with arthritis have? According to the Osteo Relief Institute, there are a variety of steps a patient can take at home to help minimize the negative effects associated with arthritis. Mild exercise, frequent breaks, weight loss, cessation of smoking, and some over-the-counter or prescription medications can help improve the situation for many sufferers.


As an additional method of support, treatment facilities such as the Osteo Relief Institute are in existence to provide support to those dealing with the issues that can come from an arthritis diagnosis. The Osteo Relief Institute understands that finding a physician who is compassionate and concerned about your best interests is difficult at times. Finding a doctor you trust and feel confident in should be a top priority when choosing a treatment facility. For this reason, the Osteo Relief Institute is a multidisciplinary treatment center for those suffering from joint conditions such as arthritis. The Osteo Relief Institute is staffed by board-certified doctors and fully trained therapists who have the patient’s best long-term interest at heart.


The Osteo Relief Institute is a comprehensive medical center focused on treating conditions such as arthritis from a variety of angles to provide the best relief and outcome possible. For example, their physicians and therapists have generally found that the majority of individuals suffering from arthritis prefer to opt for non-invasive treatment protocols first (OsteoReliefInstituteLouisville). According to the professional staff at the Osteo Relief Insititute, the majority of arthritis patients prefer to hold off on serious surgical interventions for as long as possible, in favor of less-invasive options that still effectively treat pain and other symptoms.


For this reason, the Osteo Relief Institute has made perfecting non-invasive treatments for the management of arthritis their specialty over the last few years. Their treatment protocols involve an array of technologically advanced and FDA approved options to provide arthritis sufferers with much-needed relief from pain, stiffness, and limited mobility. With multiple locations in the United States, the Osteo Relief Institute is equipped to provide the highest quality patient-centered care possible. Each location is independently owned and operated, however, they all abide by the policy of treating patients like valued family members.


If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with any form of arthritis, the Osteo Relief Institute may be the cutting-edge treatment facility you are looking for to help counteract the symptoms that have been negatively impacting your life. If you suffer from any of the following, the Osteo Relief Institute has technologically advanced treatment options available:


* Grinding or popping of the bones within the knee


* Already diagnosed arthritis


* Pain in the joints


* Mobility issues when walking or climbing stairs


* Locking of the joints


* Swelling, limited mobility, or redness and heat within the joints

Keep in mind that not all symptoms need to be present for a diagnosis of arthritis, nor do all types of arthritis produce the same symptoms in patients. The Osteo Relief Institute provides a variety of different treatment options targeted at reducing pain and allowing the individual affected by arthritis to get back to the way of living they experienced prior to the onset of symptoms.


Research is constantly ongoing surrounding the topic of arthritis and treatments that may hopefully eliminate its effects down the line. Together with continued research into the causes and factors involved with the development of arthritis, treatment centers such as the Osteo Relief Institute continue to provide technologically advanced treatment options for this painful and bothersome affliction affecting so many people today.

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