New Study Associates Diabetes and High B.M.I with Cancer

A new study has revealed that at least six percent of cancer cases are related to obesity and diabetes. The study implies that if one is increasing in weight, they are putting themselves at the risk of getting cancer. In the research, incident data for 12 cancers in over 175 countries in the year 2012 were compared with the body mass index as well as the prevalence of diabetes from the year 2002. In this particular study, the assumption was that cancer takes at least 10 years to develop. It was found out that in the year 2012, diabetes and body mass index were individual risk factors for over 792,600 new cases of cancer. The number is at least 5.6 percent of the total 14,067,894 cases that were reported to the global cancer registry.

The type of cancers that were associated with diabetes and a high body mass index include that of the colon, liver, pancreas as well as gallbladder. It is to be noted that obesity and diabetes are not causes of the cancers but instead play a role in patients getting the cancers. The lead author Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard said that a lot is known about the causes of obesity and diabetes although not much about the two is known to cause cancer. The clinical fellow at the Imperial College London proposed that the exposure to high insulin or even the resistance to insulin may be a cause of cancer. The study also found out some differences in the proportions of cancer that is attributed to body mass index and that of diabetes. For instance, for one case of colorectal cancer associated with diabetes, high body mass index registered two instances. For one case of breast and endometrial cancer associated with diabetes, three cases were related to high B.M.I.

When high body mass index and diabetes were combined, they represented 38.4 percent of all the endometrial cancer cases and about 8.9 percent of breast cancers. When high B.M.I and diabetes were combined, they caused 23.3 percent of liver cancer and 8.6 percent of colorectal cancer in men. The study found out that 16 percent of cancer cases reported were attributed to high B.M.I in high-income Western countries. In the high-earning Asian Pacific regions, only five percent of cancer cases were associated with high body mass index. There is a dire need for diabetes and obesity to be controlled lest the cancer growth increases.