New Television Program from Dr. David Samadi Answers Your Health Questions

Given the state of medical care in the United States, the need for medical news programming is more relevant than ever. As Americans search for honest answers to their questions about the healthcare industry, a strong and trusted leader must emerge. That is the role that Dr. David Samadi hopes to fill with his new live broadcast.

Samadi is no stranger to the spotlight. He first gained international attention by making guest appearances on news television programs. His success in the public eye continued when he transferred his voice to the radio, where he hosted a local health program for New York listeners. These past successes made Samadi’s expansion a natural choice, and viewers will be able to enjoy a live broadcast of “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” each week starting in September 2017.

The program covers a variety of topics related to the industry. In particular, the program centers upon the latest news stories about the medical field. This way, viewers can learn more about these topics and better understand how these issues impact their lives. Moreover, Samadi also tackles relevant treatment tips in an effort to empower everyone to take better control of their own health. Specific topics include women’s health, food and diet, prostate health, exercise and other pressing health news.

While Dr. David Samadi serves as host, he also features other medical experts on his program. This ensures that a variety of voices are heard, which only enhances the learning experience for his viewers. The program relies on a discussion-based format. This not only allows Samadi to get the most out of his guests, but it also engenders a natural flow of information. This essentially invites the reader to join the conversation, which makes difficult health topics far more approachable.

Better still, the program is fully interactive. With a live broadcast, viewers are encouraged to call or email. Questions can be answered on live television, or they can be answered in the following week’s show. Samadi tackles many of the questions with his own expansive expertise, and he engages his guests to answer some of these questions in more detail. The experts themselves are not chosen at random. Instead of featuring guests who simply make good talking points, Samadi only works with specialists who have a peer-reviewed medical product on the market. Guests may also have a published book on health concerns. Other guests are thoroughly established experts in the medical or wellness fields. This is intended to ensure the accuracy of every conversation.

While Samadi’s experience as a communicator is worth noting, his ability to host a medical show is anchored in his medical experiences. Samadi is not merely a talking head; he is a licensed doctor who actively maintains his practice. His credentials speak for themselves.

Dr. David Samadi had an uncertain youth, and he had to flee his home country of Iran after the revolution in the 1980s. While moving around, he managed to finish his schooling with enough success to gain admittance to Stony Brook University on a full scholarship. His success at Stony Brook was pronounced, and he was readily accepted into their medical school after finishing his undergraduate degree.

As a medical student, Samadi took an interest in urology. To refine his studies, he completed a program at Montefiore Medical Center before expanding his expertise to proctology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After these programs, he took an interest in cancer treatment. For this reason, he continued his work at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Although his education had been stellar up to this point, Samadi’s thirst for knowledge was not done yet. Instead of starting a practice, Samadi traveled to France to study at Henri Mondor Hospital.

It was at Henri Mondor Hospital that Dr. David Samadi first pursued his interest in robotics. Robotic surgery was still very innovative at that time, which meant that not many medical professionals knew how to use it efficiently. During his studies in France, Samadi gained extensive knowledge about robotic surgeries and how they can be used to improve outcomes for patients. When he returned to the United States to open his first practice, this knowledge made him an instant leader with experience that set him apart from others.

His career, therefore, quickly took off. He started at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital before he became a faculty member at Mt. Sinani School of Medicine. Although his career was still new, he already earned positions as Vice Chair of the Department of Urology and Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery. His practice boomed, and patients sought him out by name due to his expertise in robotics. In fact, by 2012, he was the highest paid doctor in all of New York City. Moreover, he became the go-to name for prostate cancer treatment on the East Coast.

This is what led him to take the positions of Chair of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. When he made the move to Lenox Hill, he brought his entire team with him in order to ensure the smoothest transition for his patients. He has been at Lenox Hill since 2012, and his practice has continued to thrive.

As he strives to help people at his New York practice, Samadi continues to seek new ways to reach people. This is the reason he continued to expand his online presence and why he established his radio show. In these venues, he has become a health expert for the common man. He embraces healthcare from a practical and holistic approach, and his focus on overall wellness is welcomed by patients looking for real answers in their lives.

This is the same approach that he has taken in “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.” The live broadcast airs on Sunday afternoons at 12:30 every week. In order to reach as many viewers worldwide as possible, the program can be streamed on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. It will also be featured on Samadi’s professional website.