Obesity in Children on the Rise

The vast majority of Americans struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Many people start having health problems when they are children. A new study shows that a mother’s health habits can influence a child significantly. The new research is helpful in various ways. Until now, it was difficult to determine how children learned specific habits.

Obesity Numbers

Millions of people are categorized as obese in the United States. Over the past few years, the number of people with chronic health conditions has increased tremendously. It is critical for people to take their health seriously and lose excess weight.

There are two leading causes of obesity in children. Few children eat a healthy diet on a regular basis. Most parents feed their children processed food options because it is more convenient than cooking healthy meals. To make things even worse, few children get the recommended amount of exercise each week. Without enough physical activity, it is hard for children to maintain a healthy weight.

Making Changes

The good news is that living a healthy lifestyle is more straightforward than many people realize. By making some dietary changes, most children can lose a few pounds quickly. Increasing physical activity each day also has various health benefits.

Parents need to encourage their children to eat healthily and to exercise. However, it is also crucial for parents to model this behavior. A child’s risk of becoming obese is much less when their parents maintain a healthy weight.


Schools across the country are investing in health and wellness programs for children. By providing basic guidance related to various health conditions, officials hope that fewer children will become obese.

Although making lifestyle changes is challenging, it is critical for children to maintain a healthy weight. Various studies indicate that children who are obese have a much higher chance to remain overweight for the rest of their lives.