Pack a Healthy School Lunch

When you are packing your child’s lunch for school, you will want to provide nutritious and tasty foods. First, talk to your child about her preferences because if she hates a certain food, then she will probably throw it away rather than eat it. Here are some great choices for your child’s school lunch.

Food 1: A Sandwich

Make sure to invest in an insulated lunch bag that you can place in the refrigerator at home to cool the item before you pack it. In addition, have frozen ice packs ready in your home’s freezer to place next to the sandwich. It is better to place a sandwich in a plastic container with a lid than storing it in a flimsy plastic bag. Use whole-grain bread for the sandwich along with meats such as sliced turkey or ham.

Food 2: Cheese

Your child needs calcium for her growing bones and teeth, so adding cheese to a sandwich is an excellent choice. Rather than only using plastic-wrapped slices of American processed cheese, look for tastier cheeses such as Swiss or cheddar. If your child doesn’t like cheese on her sandwich, then use a small plastic container to hold cubes of delicious cheese.

Food 3: Fruit

Your child should have several servings of fruit each day, so you should pack a banana or an apple in her lunch box. If your child has problems biting into whole pieces of fruit such as pears, then place a few washed grapes in a tiny plastic container.

Food 4: Vegetables

Add fresh dark green leafy vegetables such as romaine lettuce or spinach to your child’s sandwich. Alternatively, you can wash baby carrots or cherry tomatoes to store in a small plastic container. Remember that a child only needs a few of these to make a proper serving size.

Food 5: Hot Soup

Have a smaller thermos to use for soup in the winter. This is the perfect lunch choice for a colder day, and you can use a variety of different types of soups, including cream of tomato, chicken and noodles or beefy vegetable. Don’t forget to pack a plastic spoon for your child when you are preparing a school lunch that has soup.

Food 6: Beverages

You can pack a beverage such as a juice box for your child, but most schools also have small cartons of milk available.