Physical Injuries Most Common To Young People

Some people might assume that physical and sports-related injuries only happen to adults. Unfortunately, however, such maladies can impact young people. This brief blog will examine the reasons young persons might be susceptible to sports injuries, highlight several common wounds said individuals are more prone to and offer tips on how youths might avoid sustaining these issues.

Youths And Sports Injuries

Young people are often viewed as indestructible. However, they might be at greater risk to develop a sports-related injury than individuals in other age categories. Among the most prominent reasons for this is that the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons of youths are still in the growing stages. In the growing stages means not fully developed. Ergo, when said structures are overused are moved awkwardly or improperly, their chances of injury or more pronounced.

Medical studies estimate that more than four million youth-related athletic injuries occur per year. Researchers also opine that many of these injuries do not receive immediate treatment and have the potential to go from minor to more serious. Scientists suggest such a phenomenon occurs because young people either cannot appreciate the severity of certain injuries or subscribe to the “tough it out” and play through the pain mentality.

Common Youth Sports Injuries

Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains are among the most common sports-related injuries youths can experience. Such maladies can occur on just about any muscle, bone or piece of connective tissue (joint, ligament, tendon) in the body. However, these wounds often occur in regions like the ankle, knee and elbow. Though these injuries might occur after acutely, the onset of such ailments may also be precipitated by chronic overuse of the bodily region in question.

Growth Plate Damage

Growth plates are portions of tissue situated at the end of long bones. These structures are seen in young people whose bones are still in the growing stage. Should growth plates become injured, the impacted individual could experience pain and, in severe instances, mobility issues or stunted growth.

Methods Youths Can Employ To Avoid Or Limit Sports-Related Injuries

Speak Up

If a young person experiences any type of pain or untoward symptom following participation in sports, said individual is encouraged to discuss the situation with their parents, coaches or family physician. Addressing the problem early could prevent a minor injury from growing into a more serious problem.

Learn To Practice Healthy Habits

In addition to paying attention to their bodies, youths should engage in habits that might prevent injuries such as remaining hydrated at all times, consuming a balanced diet, obtaining adequate rest, learning to stretch and other vital warm-up techniques and utilizing the proper sports equipment.