Quick Ways to Promote Workplace Wellness

Optimal wellness is beneficial for a productive workday. When companies invest in their employees’ overall well-being, it makes a huge difference in workplace morale. There are several ways that wellness can be promoted. They include:

1. Encouraging Healthy Eating
Healthy habits encourage workplace wellness. Companies can promote wellness by offering nutritional snacks at in employee break rooms, at corporate functions and in workplace vending machines. Workplace nutritional signs can also advise on the benefits of healthy eating.

2. Fostering a Healthy Environment
Stress and fatigue can put a damper on wellness in the workplace. Correcting ergonomic issues is beneficial for lowering chronic pain. Employers can also provide adequate lighting and adjustable standing desks to lessen eye and back strain for employees. Wellness can also be promoted through positive and encouraging messages mentioned throughout the workday.

3. Encouraging Break and Rest Periods
Everyone needs a physical and mental break from time to time. Employees do not need to be stressed or worried about any negative consequences that could occur if they need to take a break. It is a good idea to place break timers around the workplace for those employees who forget. Stepping away for a bit helps to clear the mind and increase motivation.

4. Hosting a Workplace Health Fair
Health vendors love to educate others on wellness and nutrition. Invite vendors to discuss and explain wellness options to your employees. Scheduling wellness events also affords vendors an avenue for promoting their products and ideas.

5. Encouraging Morale
Remember to recognize employees for their efforts. Celebrate company milestones and offer employee recognition incentives. This helps to boost morale and promote mental and emotional wellness. Employees love to know that they are appreciated for all they do. Everyone takes pride in positive rewards.

6. Offering Smoking Cessation Incentives
It is a known issue that smoking can be directly related to stress. With stress reduction strategies in place, smoking should decrease. Companies can still help reduce this even further by offering smoking cessation incentives. Financial incentives can encourage smokers to ditch this unhealthy habit.

7. Hosting Special Wellness Days
Offer certain days that are dedicated to wellness. Wellness Wednesdays are a popular suggestion. People will begin to look forward to this special day to intentionally implement wellness and healthier lifestyles. More days can be added with overall consistent efforts.

Adopting wellness promotion strategies can help to minimize workplace stress. It is also good to allow time for connecting with one another. This can result in greater productivity and a decrease in overall healthcare costs. When the employees win so does the company as a whole.