Recent scientific finding a relief in cancer treatment

Cancer comes about when normal cells in particular parts of the body grow out of control, and as they continue to grow, they divide instead of dying to form new abnormal cells. The disease has currently been termed as the second leading cause of death in the world. This is after heart related diseases also known as cardiovascular diseases. Cancer has been there for centuries and has affected people all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 1 out of 6 deaths are due to cancer. As time goes by, the treatment of cancer is also evolving, and some of the treatments that exist today include chemotherapy, internal radiation, external beam radiation, surgeries, precision medicine and targeted therapies. Early detection is one of the measures that highly increases the chances of a successful treatment. Millions of cancer patients have extended their lives due to this.

In a recent finding, scientists have been able to identify a possible solution that could solve resistance of cancer cells during radiotherapy treatment, which is a common occurrence. Radiotherapy is one of the very effective treatments as it is cost effective and reduces the chances of the cancer recurrence after surgery, but it may come with some side effects once the healthy tissue is harmed. According to the scientists, their new discovery could lead to improved treatments, and this comes as a relief to the cancer patients. Innovations in treatment of the disease aim at addressing a number of issues that normally face the health care providers and their patients. These issues among others include the unwanted side effects after treatments, recurrence of tumor after surgery or treatment and lastly and most important, aggressive cancers that are resilient to majority of the treatments available.

As the world hopes for a better and affordable treatment to the disease, cancer remains the most expensive disease to treat and a financial burden to the patients, their families as well as the society as a whole. It’s very unfortunate that costs are expected to increase as development of expensive treatment strategies become the standard of care and it might not be long before more patients begin to die, not because of lack of treatment access, but because they cannot afford to pay for it. However, investment in research remains the way to go for governments, as it will bring along future advances in drugs meant for cancer treatment, and hopefully affordable ones.