Seven Healthy Habits To Prevent Dementia

If you are concerned about developing dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, then you need to change your lifestyle to protect your brain. While physicians are still trying to understand why some senior citizens develop dementia, they are recommending these health habits to prevent memory loss.

Health Habit 1: Stop Smoking Cigarettes

The nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco are bad for your brain. When you smoke cigarettes, your blood vessels can harden and become narrower, making it difficult for blood to flow properly. Without proper blood circulation, your brain isn’t receiving enough oxygen to keep it in optimal condition.

Health Habit 2: Eat a Nutritious Diet

Your brain is affected by the foods that you eat, and if you consume only junk foods, then it can damage your brain’s cells. When your brain is damaged, it can lead to a loss of cognitive abilities, making your life more difficult. Eat a diet that includes a lot of vegetables and fruits rather than ice cream or potato chips.

Health Habit 3: Moderate Your Alcohol Consumption

Having a glass of wine or beer occasionally is okay, but you must avoid drinking too much alcohol. Getting drunk frequently can damage several of the organs inside your body, including your brain. Experts suggest that you should limit your alcohol consumption as much as possible.

Health Habit 4: Exercise As Often As Possible

Make sure to exercise frequently to maintain the health of your brain. When you are physically active, you take deeper breaths and your blood flows better, helping to enrich your brain.

Health Habit 5: Control Your Weight

By controlling your weight, you are less likely to develop dementia. Excess weight makes it harder for your cardiovascular system to work correctly, and when your heart or arteries aren’t working properly, you can damage your brain cells.

Health Habit 6: Keep Learning New Information

It is important to learn new information to keep your brain as healthy as possible. Enroll in classes at a community college, read books from the library and have interesting hobbies to keep your brain active.

Health Habit 7: Take Dietary Supplements

If you have food allergies, then you might not get enough nutrients from a regular diet. Fortunately, you can buy dietary supplements at drugstores to make sure that you are getting enough iron, calcium or vitamin D.